What is This Newest Album About? Let’s Find Out

Avicii Wake Me Up is the second single from the collaboration between Don Williams and Avicii. A few months after their first single, titled ‘Neon Lights’, the new song was released. In the time it took them to make this album, they’ve recorded eleven songs which are widely regarded as some of the best electronic dance music ever made. However, despite this, many of their fan base have not yet been able to obtain this album. The main reason for this lies in the incredibly high price that the album is sold for.

The price that the single is sold for is unbelievably high, as compared to other contemporary dance albums. Many top electronic music artists release new music every year or so, but Avicii Wake Me Up is still one of those rare releases. With a staggering run of eighteen months, this particular single has made the album fans wait in line for more.

It’s difficult to appreciate just how groundbreaking this album is when you first download it onto your computer. From the very first note, you can instantly tell that the sound that is being created is going to be completely different to any electronic dance record from recent years. This is most definitely due to the unique vocal style of Avicii, which can’t really be described as over the top. Instead, it seems as though he is speaking to his lover, which is a far cry from other artists that seem to put their vocals above the fray.

What really makes this track stand out, though, is the extremely memorable hook. An instrumental called ‘Hooked On You’ is used, which is also an addition that makes this album stand out from other contemporary dance records. Although there isn’t a lot of additional instrumentals on the album, the overall tone of the song is extremely catchy. On top of that, the lyrics to the song are also catchy, as well as memorable. There are even some extremely hilarious moments on the track, which makes it even more fun to sing along with.

What’s even better about this song and its lead single, is that it’s probably the only song of its kind to have been nominated for an award in the songwriting categories at both the 2020 Polaris Music Prize and the Academy Awards. In a field where many writers and musicians are dying to be heard, it’s impressive that an unknown Australian singer managed to get her music noticed by international audiences. The song received eighteen Grammies, which is quite an achievement for an unknown artist, and only goes to show just how successful Avicii Wake Me Up is. This only serves to underline how well constructed this electronic dance music is.

What you might not know is that Avicii has also spent time in the studio with Kanye West and Rihanna. Both stars were impressed with her work and decided to sign her to their respective labels. Rihanna is now signed to RCA Records, while West is signed to Interscope Records. Since then, she’s gone on to collaborate with artists including Jay Z, Rihanna and Paul McCartney. Not long ago, she was spotted at a concert wearing the gold and black stripes of a West shirt. It seems she’s definitely one to keep up with the best.

If you’re wondering how a young girl from Australia could have made it all the way to the top of the charts with an album as poppy-inspired as Wake Me Up, it can be said that she did something that few people do. She made the whole thing personal. While it’s been said that the music is mainly dance based, it also has some instruments thrown in for good measure and contains references to things like opera and ballads. It’s the personal lyrics that really have helped the album take off and become successful.

As someone who grew up listening to Michael Jackson and strictly Elvis Presley albums, I can’t help but compare Avicii Wake Me Up to those artists. If you haven’t listened to it yet, what are you waiting for? Grab your MP3 player and prepare yourself for a show you won’t soon forget.

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