What the Music Industry Wants to See

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If you’ve been playing the market research game for quite some time, then you know the importance of understanding what the music industry wants and how it thinks about the various topics that may affect your industry. The industry is a very complicated place to navigate. There is always a new trend or new idea that will impact the music industry in some way or another, so understanding what makes up this industry is vital to success in today’s world. I’m going to give you an overview of what the music industry wants to see.

The first thing that the music industry wants to see is an influx of high quality artists that are willing to work with the big companies. A lot of the big record labels are not interested in making long term contracts with new artist. They only care about making money from the artist that has been there for awhile. I’m sure you’ve heard of the phenomenon known as “Cash Cow” where an artist gets signed and the next thing you know they’re spending all their time at the house rehearsing? You can’t have that in today’s industry, so the music industry would like to see an artist that will stick it out for the long term.

Another thing that the music industry would like to see is artists who are serious about what they do and can create a quality product. Most people in the music industry are very serious and want to see great albums and music. Some of the top labels have artists who put so much time and energy into their music and sound that people love it.

The music industry also wants to see more diversity in genres of music. Music is a very wide topic and it would be nice if artists were more willing to try something new or even just have a different idea of what kind of music they play. There’s nothing wrong with experimenting with your music and having a different style that you know the general public isn’t familiar with. As long as you are being creative, it won’t matter.

The last thing that the industry wants to see is a lot of new musicians trying to break through on their own and getting signed by a big label. It seems as though the big label is only willing to sign artists that they think can make a splash. They won’t go after the big stars that have been around for years without them coming back.

Now that you understand the three main things that the music industry wants to see, I hope that you take it and use them to your advantage to your benefit.

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