What to Look Out For This Year’s Ibiza Volume 2

Electronic Dance Music euphoria is a festival designed to celebrate and reward those that really have some talent in the realm of electronic dance music. It was formed in Ibiza, a city in Southern Spain, in the early hours of December of last year. For this event there were also competitions for the best artist from each town. The goal of the event is to celebrate those who are talented and know how to express themselves musically. The organizers of the event have obviously taken their research into consideration when compiling the guest list.

The reason for the success of the Trance Party is its wide appeal and its ability to attract a big audience. If you take a look at the guest list for EDM Dance Music Euphoria 2021 you will find musicians from all over Europe and beyond. But it’s perhaps America that tops the list. This country is home to many of the pioneers of modern electronic dance music. They include such legendary names as DJ Pauly D, Kodeezy, Kool Martini, and everyone’s favorite American hard rock band, Aerosmith.

The organizers of the trance music festival have certainly done their research and are aware that the best way to attract international interest and participation is through the inclusion of an international line-up of DJs with a wide musical style and reputation. For this reason they decided to launch an exciting new marketing strategy, combining the benefits of the internet with their own brand name and experience to create a powerful online presence. With a well-developed and popular website, combined with regular releases on popular internet blogs, they feel that they are in a strong position to take advantage of this growing global trend. At the same time, they are offering a two-way exchange of market information, allowing interested parties the opportunity to contact them directly to obtain further information or ask any questions.

One of the hottest issues in the electronic dance music scene is the integration of trance and progressive as two very different styles of music. However, they find it difficult to separate the two and have therefore included both within their program. “Tribal” refers to a mix of traditional and non-traditional vocals from the Caribbean. “Progressive” refers to a mixture of traditional and modern electronic dance music with the vocals often re-recorded with minimal instruments and processed with additional sounds and effects. Both styles will appeal to a large cross section of the club and party atmosphere, allowing the event to expand beyond its usual night out scope and become more of a true club event.

An issue that is unique to electronic dance music including hard house is the tendency for the performers to refer to themselves as “disco star”. This term has become widely accepted within the industry and can be seen being used by many of the top DJs. When asked why they choose this particular title, they respond by explaining that it gives them a chance to display their personality. While not all producers choose this specific title, many DJ’s are finding it to be highly effective in driving sales and generating interest in their recordings.

Two other top DJs that are returning to Ibiza this year are Carl Cox and Lee Sharp. Both are experienced and talented performers with a passion for hard beats and high volume mixing. Both will feature heavily on the digital download charts with Cox taking over the throne from Andy Cen featuring on volume 2. Expect to hear plenty of high-profile singles on both sides of the line-up including Disclosure’s “utes”.

Looking at the vinyl offerings this year, it is clear that the divide between hard house and trance has been blurred somewhat. Whereas many labels have chosen to go solely with the former, a few labels are embracing the idea of the two genres altogether. Whilst some have remained loyal to their hard house reputation, others such as Fadi were forced to move onto the new genre due to the rise of new DJs. Expect to see some great vinyl singles on the market this year thanks to labels such as Planet Mu and Blaque.

It is fair to say that it is hard to pick a winner when it comes to this year’s Ibiza mixes and albums. As usual, excitement runs rampant throughout the clubwear circuit with both camps fighting hard for position on the dancefloor. With so many options available and so many DJs contributing to the proceedings, it’s likely that we will be seeing a whole range of electronic dance music euphoria tracks on the dance floor this season.

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