What’s An EDM Electronic Dance Music Album?

Every year, EDM Canada organizes a variety of electronic dance music concerts, featuring some of the biggest names in electronic and bass music. EDM Canada is dedicated to bringing you this year’s best calendar of electronic dance music events across 6 main Canadian cities, from coast to coast. I spent the last week (Monday night) at The Warehouse Club in Vancouver. Here are some thoughts on this 6-hour musical extravaganza. Let me know what you think!

There was a massive amount of EDM offerings at the Warehouse Club on Monday night. As I was standing there trying to decide on which band to listen to I saw some familiar faces walking around. This was clearly an indication that the producer of the electronic dance music album free download was looking for an audience. A little bit of looking around led me to discover that The Weeknd the hottest new artist had just performed the previous night. With his last album “Earned Money” coming out just a few weeks prior I was eager to see what he had in store for us.

From the time I got up to when I took my seat I could tell this was going to be an exciting evening. As I got more involved the more excited I got. My hands were sweaty, my heart was thumping, and the songs I was hearing were really taking my breath away. The electronic dance music album free download set was chock full of high energy, funky, and great electronica.

I ended up leaving the warehouse club completely intoxicated. As I left, I asked my friends what they had been listening to. It was tough to narrow it down to one or two artists but there was a decent list. Besides having attended a couple of electronic music concerts these were some of my favorites. If you haven’t been to see any of these guys I highly recommend checking them out. The songs they play are awesome.

After leaving the warehouse club I decided to head over to the Oshea Jazz Club. This place has an amazing atmosphere. Most of the dance floors are carpeted, making it easier to feel like you are on the floor instead of on the cold concrete. There are usually several stages with different people performing. The DJ’s mix these shows up to create a very interactive atmosphere.

My next stop was at our local club, Friends Bar. This place is a great place to dance to electronic music. The sound is very distorted, almost too much for my taste but once in a while things are just right. The crowd was pretty heavy, and being from New Jersey we can appreciate that.

The final stop on my EDM electronic music journey was at Cafe Mambo. This bar is definitely for the serious dancers out there. The lighting is phenomenal and the DJ’s are absolutely killing it. The drinks are very pricey, almost as if they’re charging you for the visual effects of dancing, but the drinks are worth every penny.

EDM is definitely my favorite genre of electronic music. It’s exciting to see what new artists are coming out with new EDM albums. It’s worth spending the money for a download because not everyone is lucky enough to have free music.

The good news is that you have free music floating around online now. If you Google “EDM free download”, you’ll find a ton of results. I’m a huge fan of Tiesto, Cashmere and others. They all make great music that you will really enjoy.

You can even get the vinyl free, although the selection is probably not as good as the free download selection. Music has always been free to download ever since the invention of the CD. For some reason people think that the availability of electronic music on the internet is dwindling and it’s not helping the industry any. But again I’ve always thought that the availability of electronic music on the internet is only going to continue to grow and expand.

So if you haven’t checked out the free download offerings just check them out. You may be pleasantly surprised at what you discover. Or you may have decided you don’t want to download the free version because there are lots of songs on it that you won’t enjoy. That’s totally understandable and I understand completely. But if you really love electronic music and want to take your party to the next level, then electronic music is the way to go.

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