Who Are the Most Popular Turkish DJs Right Now?

The Most Popular Turkish DJs Right Now

There is no question about it, the most popular Turkish DJs right now are Haber and Seyit. These two DJs have been performing for many years now in Turkey and have become immensely famous amongst their fans. They are both incredibly talented and will be able to entertain you at your next party.

Haber is probably the most famous of all the Turkish DJs right now. He was actually born Haber Aydemir in Turkey. Haber started to DJ in Germany in the early 80’s and then went on to DJ in Turkey for several years before becoming hugely successful with his first Turkish TV show.

Aydemir has been playing the Turkish music DJ game since his early twenties. Aydemir and Haber are very close friends and have been DJing together for almost forty years. Haber is famous for producing hard-hitting beats and also has a energetic performance style. When he first moved to Turkey he also performed as a rock and roll DJ for local bands and clubs.

Haber has DJed in several countries including Iran, Kuwait, Iraq and Egypt. In Egypt, he has also performed in several stadiums and even received an award for “Egypt’s First DJ.”

The other name that is common in the world of Turkish music and DJing is Seyit. Seyit is actually an actor by profession and has also played football. He started out as a classical DJ before taking up Turkish music and then he began to DJ in Turkey and in the rest of the Middle East.

Seyit often attends big parties, performing with the local crowd. His shows in particular are very entertaining and are extremely good fun for everyone to watch.

Although they are both well known and highly respected in the world of Turkish music and DJing, these two Turkish DJs are very different. One makes hard-hitting techno beats and one has an energetic personality.

So if you want to know who the most popular DJ in the country is, you might have to look a little closer into Haber and Seyit.

Haber is a DJ who was born in Germany. He has made a huge impression on the DJ scene because of his original and innovative style of music. Haber plays very hard hitting techno beats that keep the audiences on the dance floor throughout his performances. He is very passionate about his music and always seems to make a splash wherever he goes.

Seyit on the other hand is a DJ from the United Arab Emirates. He was born in Egypt but his family emigrated to the United Arab Emirates when he was just fourteen years old. He is also a DJ that is very popular in the DJ community because of his upbeat styles.

Although they are both very different there are many similarities between the styles of both Haber and Seyit. They both play music that is both funky and lively.

Both Haber and Seyit also prefer to mix their music with live percussion instruments. They like to play live instruments such as drums, percussion and guitar during their performances.

The thing that is common between the two Turkish DJ’s though is that they both like to do songs with lyrics and dance with their audience. This is why they are are some of the most popular Turkish DJs right now.

They are well liked in the Turkish music community. These artists definitely have the respect and love from the locals in Turkey and all the Middle Eastern countries. They are known for their unique style of music and have gained a reputation of being some of the best DJ’s in the world.

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