Who Are the Top Artists in Psytrance?

Who Are the Top Artists in Psytrance

A lot of people ask this question, “Who are the top artists in Psytrance?” This is a good question to have because there’s no definitive answer to it. No one person is the top artist out there. If you know a little about psytrance, then you’ll understand why no particular artist is the top choice.

The main reason I say that no particular artist is the top choice when asking “who are the top artists in psytrance” is because it’s just a collection of different things. It’s like an ocean where all the different kinds of water have their own specific life cycles.

So, when I say “who are the top EDM artists,” I’m not referring to any one specific person. The only true way to narrow down the choices would be to break down the type of music into its own categories. Then afterwards, separate out the sub-categories. For instance, if I mentioned “psychedelic trance” and acid house” are related, we’d have a much clearer idea of what we’re talking about. However, if I said, “the best thing I’ve ever heard,” it would be a little harder to separate them.

That being said, I think if you do want to narrow down the list a bit, you could easily do so by classifying what you’re hearing into what could be called one or more sub-classes. So, let’s take a look at a few.

Trance – It’s a term that seem to be used in pretty much any articles on psytrance. The truth is though, it’s actually pretty vague. In reality, “trance” means very different things to different people. Many people will describe it as a state of deep relaxation. However, others may use “trance” to mean a state of pure bliss.

Djent – This is a kind of a combination of trance. It’s also a state where you’re able to access your subconscious mind. Often times this state is accompanied by visuals, which you won’t normally see unless you’re really into it.

Trance-type – This sub-genre is very similar to the sub-genre described above. The only difference is that you can access your subconscious mind during trance instead of being just relaxed.

Other types of psytrance – You may find this term sprinkled around articles about psytrance, but it’s really not too common. As mentioned before, this sub-genre is not defined by any one thing.

Psytrance and psydub are another type of term that is sometimes can describe the same thing. It’s a term that’s most promoters and people in the scene use to describe.

The bottom line is that, in order to enter a trance-like state, one must have a visual stimulation. If it’s purely a state of relaxation, then you’re not really seeing anything “tangible” with your eyes closed. On the other hand, if you’re seeing visuals or sounds, then you have reached a higher plateau of consciousness.

Once you have found that plateau and begun exploring, you might find that your body begins to experience a transition from a trance-like state to a more conscious state. The process is “reentry”. Reentry is the point where you begin to move through various states of consciousness. After that, you get to the state of consciousness where you enter into the deeper realms of the mind.

In the past, I’ve mentioned the first stage of this as a “dreamlike state,” where you begin to get visions that lead into a more awake state, where you start moving from a trance-like state to a conscious state. Reentry is usually when you enter into a lucid dreaming state. There’s a lot more to it than that, but you can probably imagine.

Who are the top artists in psytrance? Some people call this a state of hyper-awareness, because when you’re in this state you can really see what you’re thinking about and you can be aware of all of your thoughts. There are a lot of ways in which you can get there, but, for now I’ll just leave it at this: You reach a plateau in which you can go to higher levels of consciousness without actually using drugs and things like that.

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