Who Are the Top EDM Acts Right Now?

The question, “Who Are the Top EDM Acts Right Now?” is very easy to answer and I think everyone has an opinion on this subject.

When someone asks me who are the top EDM acts right now, I always tell them that it’s a subjective question. Afterwards, I tell them that they can make their own lists of top EDM artists. Someone might put their most-favorite EDM DJ on their own lists as well.

Daft Punk: This one may not be the most obvious choice, but if you listen to one of Daft Punk’s songs then it’s pretty obvious which one of them is the one that you are listening to right now. They are probably my personal favorites.

Tommy Trash: You may have heard Tommy Trash’s name before because he’s in a very popular band called LCD Soundsystem. They are also known for having great DJ’s and one of the best DJs is Tommy Trash. He does incredible mixes at any club he plays in and he is definitely someone to watch at some point. I’m sure you’ve heard his music in a few different films.

Datsik: I have talked about this artist before and he’s also a very popular DJ around the world. His first album was released in 2020 and since then he has gone on to release another album, a lot more songs, and continue to tour all over the world. I’m sure that he is also someone that many people have heard of and probably know his work too. I would definitely say that he is a great DJ.

Kaskade: Kaskade is another great DJ that has been playing music in Europe since the nineties. He has continued to play great music for many years. He’s also one of the best producers in the world. I’m sure that he’s someone that you have seen performing live if you were at a club or even at your own home.

Diplo: Diplo is another one that many people might be familiar with if they are into electronic music. He has produced some of the highest quality music in the world. Diplo also has some of the best DJ equipment in the industry.

The artists mentioned above are great DJs. However, you shouldn’t look past them because they are a must have in any DJ collection. If you don’t know who they are, well don’t worry, because I will explain it for you. You should start with DJ Snake, then move on to Tommy Trash, then move on to Kaskade and finally move on to Diplo.

DJ Snake: This guy has been playing since the eighties and he’s very popular around the world. He has produced a bunch of songs and DJ’s in the last few years, but his best-known songs include “Turn Down For What” by Aaliyah, “Energetic”, and “Foreplay” by Madonna, “I Want You (She’s So Tight)” by Ne-yo, and “Honey Don’t” by Beyonce.

You may have heard him DJ in the movies as a guest a few times as well. Some examples include “The Social Network” and “Urban Cowboy”. If you want to know what kind of music he makes, then you should check out his MySpace.

Tommy Trash: Tommy is another great DJ and he’s been DJing since the eighties. You may have heard of him as a DJ on TV. He has played both house and techno. I’m sure you may also know that he’s one of the best DJs around if you go to a club and listen to what he’s doing at the time.

Diplo: This guy is another great DJ. I think you might be surprised at how many people don’t know who he is. If you don’t want to be a part of the top DJ list but still want to be a huge fan then you should definitely check out what he has to say. If you like his style and what he does then you should check him out at MySpace. You can find his name there as well as some of the best DJ music.

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