Who Invented Electronic Dance Music?

Who invented electronic dance music? I’ll betcha some techno artists got the idea from a combination of several sources. Let’s start with what most experts tell us about how music is created. In essence, it starts with an instrument played by a human. Now think back to when you were very young and first started to dance. If your memory is hazy, you probably weren’t standing in front of a piano then.

Then, something must have happened that triggered a switch inside your brain. You may not remember exactly what happened but you know that you started to move your body move to the music. Eventually, you developed some coordination of the limbs and began holding yourself up on the elbows and the knees. And from there, the wave of the future was ushered in. Electronic dance music really began to take shape.

Back in the early 80s, hip hop and break dance were the hottest music trends. But they had one thing in common. They both used a primitive form of electronic music, which was called sampling.

Sampling became the craze as artists were able to use it to create unique sounds that were difficult to attain with acoustic instruments. What’s interesting about sampling is that it can be used in any electronic genre. Dance music, rock, rap, classical, even blues. The thing to keep in mind is that the sounds can be as complex as one would like them to be and still be under copyright. As long as the performer or group uses the sample in a fair manner, no one can legally sue them for using the samples.

Sampling became illegal in the United States when the copyrighted songs “acid rock” and “doom” were copyrighted. However, these electronic dance music hit big, even though illegal music never did quite as well as its pop counterparts. Today, electronic dance music has become very popular. People of all ages are drawn to it has become an exciting way for people to express themselves through dance.

Electronic dance music has evolved into many forms. It is often associated with hip hop and continues to grow in popularity. People love the hip hop melodies combined with the heavy pounding of the drums and the bass lines. Many of today’s modern dance songs use complex beat patterns and the scratching and looping of samples to create a unique sound that sets it apart from other types of music.

Hip hop and break dance are two other widely known music genres. Hip hop is often associated with conscious or popular styles of music, while break dance is thought of as free-style music. The history of these genres can be traced back to the birth of music itself. Early man would draw musical beats out of hollow bones and animal horns. He would then use these to create rhythms and beats to his songs. Eventually, these became the beats that are used to form the beats that we know today.

The popularity of electronic dance music continues to grow as more people learn how to make music with the beats found within records. People have taken to it like a wildfire. Some people make electronic dance music as a full time career, while others just do it to relax. No matter what your intentions are with it, you will find that you can either live without it or be successful with it.

When it comes to electronic dance music, artists such as Mr. Fingers, Mary J. Blige, Akon, Kool Jan, Will Smith, Fatboy Slim, Cashmere Cat, and others have contributed to the genre. Akon has been said to be the founder of the break beat industry that we know today. Many of the songs he has created have reached No. 1 on the charts in both the U.S. and Europe.

The styles that are laid down from these original sources can be hard to find. Many times, a DJ will lay a song with an original beat that has not been heard before. These original beats have been passed down from artist to artist for years. The question remains, is where can you find these? It would appear that there is no way to obtain this beat legally through any online company.

It may be possible to acquire the beat for use in your own productions, but there are still legal issues involved with this. If you purchased the beat legally, then there are songs that cannot be used unless you agree to license the master recording. In most cases, beat makers are only allowed to use parts of the original track and they must alter the beat to their own liking. There are many companies out there that sell re-mastering rights and licenses but do not allow you to alter the beat at all.

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