Who Invented the Genre of Electronic Dance Music?

Many of us have a vague idea who invented electronic dance music, but there are many more theories out there. The reality is that this music has been around for decades, but it was not developed as an official genre by any of the major dance groups until the late sixties. No one in particular is responsible for developing or popularizing it.

People have come up with all sorts of theories in regard to who invented electronic dance music. Some of the more popular ones are that DJs developed it, others believe that it was a collaboration between a Swedish DJ and an IRA terrorist who created a synthesizer. A group called Acid House is credited with making the beat for the first song ever played on the U.S. radio station WLS. This group was formed in Los Angeles in the early seventies, and their music has been cited as having some influence on the development of hip hop. Yet other DJs are said to have given beats that helped kick start rockabilly.

If you listen to electronic dance music today, you can hear traces of many of these and many other styles. Just because a DJ creates a sound that is new and unique does not mean that he or she is an innovator. The dance floor is filled with sounds that are nothing like what has gone before. From hi-tech pads that trigger body movements to complicated programs that create a sense of reality on the dance floor, new sounds are introduced, mixed and re-invented time again.

An electronic music calorie was created by someone who goes by the name of Meme. This person, who goes by the name of Acid X, is one of the pioneers of new wave electronic dance music. He began producing high quality EDM when he was nineteen years old. It was then that the calorie (short for calories per minute) trend started to take off. By creating this calorie/EDM hybrid, he saw his career begin to take off.

The question at hand is who invented electronic dance music? The answer lies in where this hybrid became popular. It all begins with rave. People were beginning to use their rave experience as the jumping off point to something more interesting. Something that involved more than dancing. This was true for many of the major dance music producers as well.

When new dance music was produced, it was often marketed as “rave” music. It was packaged in the same way that house music had been packaged. CD’s and turntables were packed with tracks that were similar to what had already been released. The difference was that instead of being on a spinning turntable, it was being put on a set of speakers that required a preamp. This was done in an effort to appeal to the crowds that had become accustomed to listening to dance music through speakers.

The DJ’s took this new approach to electronic dance music and began to use programs that enabled them to mix tracks together in ways never heard before. They started to play entire songs without having to stop the music or take a break. The trend of mixing multiple songs together continued to grow and evolve into today’s sound system.

Who invented electronic dance music you ask? This answer lies within the heart of the music industry itself. DJs began to learn the code that was being used to create a cohesive and exciting electronic dance music experience. Once this knowledge was gained and released, the doors opened wide for other aspiring producers to share in the fun as well. The birth of MP3’s changed the way that electronic dance music was viewed in the eyes of mainstream consumers.

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