Who Invented the Electronic Dance Music Genre?

A question that I get asked a lot is, “Who invented electronic dance music?” And the answer is, well, they have yet to be invented, so we’ll just have to go along and take it from here. Back in the late 70’s there was this little talented young man in Greece who had a passion for music and was studying it. When he was older he decided he wanted to make his own music and came up with some great beats and melodies. These he put together like a puzzle and laid down on some vinyl that could be played on machines, then he put out some CD’s and got the whole thing going.

That was the beginning of it all. What he created was a new form of music that really took off. This is when everything started to evolve and take off in a big way. With the invention of the digital computer, everything began to become digitalized and that allowed this talented young man to create some very unique music. It was a great start and laid the way for what we have today.

Electronic dance music really has taken off in the past few years. This is where things like turntables, headphones and other hi-tech gear are becoming staples in clubs and ravers’ rooms across the world. These things have been a major factor in the growth of dance music. In fact, in many cases, these hi-tech gadgets have made the music much more exciting and fun to dance to. They are giving people the ability to create a much more dynamic beat and the ability to break sticks and twirl around on the dance floor.

With that being said, there’s nothing that can be compared to the original “rave” or “dance floor music” of the past. There’s still nothing like the crazy beat that kicks in and makes you think you’re going to the club. The bass lines, the scratching, the hats and glow stick. It’s the mark of a true pioneer.

Of course, not everything that was popular at one time was always “cool”. When radio shows were first introduced, they were actually played on small vinyl record players. It was unheard of to be playing music on record back then, so people would tune into a show and listen to the lyrics. Today, people are able to listen to their favorite songs on iTunes without ever leaving their homes. These days, it’s hard to imagine someone not being a fan of electronic music.

People are drawn to a certain type of sound. In this case, it’s the beat. If you take a rock song and try to make it fit into a dance routine, you’re probably going to fail. But, if you take a hip hop song and change the tempo, you may have some success. That’s why it’s so important to listen to as many different types of music as you can.

Some of the pioneers of modern electronic dance music are people like Fatboy Slim, DJ Premier, and many others. Of course, there is still plenty left to be done. Many new styles have come and gone over the years, but it’s not likely anyone has yet come up with something completely original. The great thing about this is that everyone has their own ideas, and no two will ever be the same. Even if someone else does get lucky and makes a beat that is absolutely perfect for what you’re doing, you’ll have many choices for where you can find it.

Finding the right kind of beat is a process in and of itself. It might start with you listening to the most popular songs. This way, you know what you’re getting into. You can also try going to internet sites where music is available for free. Just be sure to check out the terms and conditions before downloading any music from such sites.

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