Why is an Electronic Dance Music Blog So Important?

The first time I came across an electronic dance music blog, it was really cool. It was a blog by a guy who made a lot of his money from playing shows and selling party tickets in clubs. He had quite a following already, probably because he was mixing expensive electronic music with rap and hip hop. I’m not sure if he will ever achieve the level of success that he is doing now, but there is something cool about this whole scene. A lot of the blogs I have seen have been very personal and written in a very expressive way. They have a very human touch to them.

The second time I came across an electronic dance music blog was a couple of months ago. This time the blog was from a guy called Chase. He posts about everything from the brands he uses in his DJ sets, to what brand clothes he wears and which club he usually goes to. He also reviews new electronic equipment and even has a weekly thread that he calls “EDM Week.” The event reviews on this particular blog are very good and I recommend you checking out.

The third time I came across an add blog was a couple of months ago. This one was from an up and coming dj called Dj X. He is a long-time dj in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and has a huge following of loyal fans. He is posting his thoughts and ideas on his electronic dance music blog.

One thing that many of us DJ’s don’t like doing is promoting ourselves. This can be a real hassle. The other issue is the difficulty finding good quality local electronic dance music events. There are a few things that happen when you promote yourself in a club environment, but they aren’t always as positive as they used to be. If you are a local DJ, especially if you have been a long time resident, club promoter, or club owner, you know how difficult it can be to find good parties. I am going to talk about some of the latest trends in EDM promotion that I have come across.

In my experience, the biggest trends in EDM events have been the growth of the “friends club” phenomenon. Friends of dj’s who are clubbers enjoy throwing small parties where they invite their own friends and acquaintances for a night of dancing. It wasn’t too long ago that people would just show up to a rave or a garage party, take a few drinks, and head home. Now, you can get electronic dance music tickets for these types of parties that cost well over $100.

DJ’s have also found themselves using Facebook, MySpace, twitter, and blogs to promote themselves and their upcoming events. They have DJs that have their own websites, twitter accounts, and Facebook fans and they all use these methods to generate more EDM exposure. This is a good thing because it helps to keep the big name DJs in the forefront of the market.

The other trend that I’ve noticed is that more dance artists are creating their own social media profiles and connecting with their twitter followers, Facebook fans, and their Facebook friends. They are creating unique ways to interact with their audiences. DJs have realized that they need to make a profile page where they can interact with their fans, their twitter followers, and their Facebook fans. This is a good thing because it helps them keep their real audience in mind when they are playing live shows.

A couple of other things that I see happening are the integration of social media such as Facebook into electronic dance music. This is a positive especially considering the fact that many people do not have a Facebook account or an account on any other social sites. When someone has an account on Facebook, they have a chance to see what the new artist has to say. This is the new trend in electronic music and why DJ’s should be using Facebook and Twitter to stay connected with their audience and with one another.

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