Why You Cannot Win a billboard Music Award For Top Dance Electronic Album

You would be hard pressed to not see a billboard advertising a billboard music award if you drive through any town. It’s as common as a billboard promoting something as harmless as “Best Buy.” But these awards are judged and named by some of the most respected people in the industry, including songwriters, composers, producers and DJs. A lot of the music that we hear today was not even considered “popular” when it was first created. Yet here it is, in the best selling books, magazines and other outlets, displayed proudly on those billboards – and rightly so!

These songs are the ones that have made us want to hop into our cars and head for the dance floor. They are the type of music that has a contagious effect on us and makes us want to dance. So it should not come as a surprise that the same artists that have conquered radio stations and records with their unique dance styles are being awarded with this kind of recognition.

A Top Dance Electronic Album is the one that makes you jump out of your skin with excitement. It is the song that gets you pumping and the energy in the room seems to be unstoppable. And it is the music that leaves you shaking with pleasure from the first listen all the way through to the end. This is the type of dance music that makes you feel like nothing else on the planet can live up to the standards set by Top Dance Electronic Albums. A dance music lover, looking for a plaque, would do very well to look for the best selling contemporary dance albums.

These are albums that get the biggest cheers and whooping and loud cheering when they hit the radio stations. If you happen to be walking down the street and you see one of these banners, go over and have a look. They may just get you going and give you the motivation you need to go and check out some other radio stations.

For the purposes of this article, we are going to assume that Top Dance Electronic Albums were written by dance artists. We will not include pop or rock songs here, since they obviously do not fall under the parameters of this article. The only requirement is that the songs have been written by an artist for their own musical project. Now if that is not a hint that a Top Dance Electronic Album could be a best seller, then I don’t know what would be.

There are a lot of factors at work when you are looking at making a hit dance music album. One of the first things would be the talent. There has to be some level of talent involved here if the songs are going to stay together and make an impact with the audience. Top Dance Electronic Albums that is voted the best selling contemporary dance albums would normally have been written by people who have some level of talent in the field of electronic music.

A good place to start would be the song. Bands like Miley Cyrus’ We Can’t Have No Drink is great examples of songs that have topped the charts. Those songs also showed some degree of skill in song writing and arrangements. They were also produced and arranged exceptionally well. Songs like That Are The Days and Romancing With Your Machine were two examples of songs that were very popular and still remain in the top ten on the charts to this day.

If the song is good enough, the band that is putting out the album will put out a second single to drum up interest in the single. This means another barrage of singles being released to the marketplace. The chance of winning a Top Dance Electronic Album award is slim to none. The reason is that these songs sell like hotcakes. Just about every artist in the industry has had a song that has sold millions, if not billions, and that is just because they are really good.

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