Worldwide Adventures in Electronic Dance Music

If you want to experience rave on global adventures in electronic dance music, you are lucky to be aware that there are DJs all over the world who know what they’re doing. Electronic dance music used to be the most Utopian frontier of cool culture. In the early 1990s, rave parties were everywhere, even on American television. In some cities, especially New York and Miami, they outnumbered the Statue of Liberty. But within a few years, rave had lost its initial appeal. Instead, it became the bane of teenagers who couldn’t get their way at the nightclubs where everyone else hung out.

But three years later, it has already gone from underground culture to the worldwide mainstream. Thanks to national DJ parties like Belgium’s Electric Carnival, rave parties have made a comeback. And Electric Carnival is probably what sparked the worldwide interest in electronic music. The organizers behind Electric Carnival took a chance when they hired Matthew Collin, a well-regarded and famous DJ, to organize the event.

Matthew Collin is a true star in the world of electronic music. His unique and energetic dance style is known as “rave.” The term “rave” itself brings to mind intense electronica-based music. But Collin’s style of music is completely different from that typical electronic music. He mixes traditional Caribbean music with heavy trance influences. He’s basically invented the modern party, combining the best of rave culture with modern conveniences.

The key to a successful and unforgettable experience is having the right location. That’s where many fails at raves. In fact, some of the biggest parties of the world happen in poorly chosen locations. It’s not uncommon to see people getting upset because they haven’t been able to experience the true essence of rave parties. It’s better to spend some time in the right place, if you really want to experience the real deal.

If you’re in Hong Kong, the best location for electronic dance music events would be Kowloon Bay. Kowloon Bay is known for its wide array of nightclubs and bars. Some of them even offer private pools and karaoke. And there’s no denying the party atmosphere that will be provided by the featured act during your visit.

If you’re looking for rave parties in Japan, then the places mentioned above are great. There is also a popular music festival in January called cradle, which is held at the Tokyo Dome. It’s a three-day festival of house, trance and other music genres. And if you love dancing to heavy metal, then you should also try to visit Kanoa, a small island located near the city of Oahu.

In Brazil, you can’t miss the Lovetone festival. It’s also referred to as Thiradee. This music festival is a two-day event during early February. And it’s not uncommon to find people having fun with heavy metal, going to bars, clubs and workshops all over the city. If you want to experience an international party scene, then Brazil is definitely for you. Also, Brazilians tend to love good music, so it wouldn’t be too surprising to see you there.

The United Kingdom has a number of very popular music venues as well. The Electric Picnic at the Exmouth Park in Cornwall is a must-visit. It’s a family-friendly place where you can also enjoy the sun and sea. And if you’re looking for good techno rave parties, you should visit Leeds – formerly known as the “Gay Capital” of England. It’s now known as the capital of UK rave culture and famous for its various gay nightlife events and gatherings. There are also rave workshops in Brighton where you can learn the basics about electronic music, DJ tips and more.

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