Dancing to EDM Supports Weight Loss

How EDM can help you you lose fat

Dance Your Belly Fat Away

Sculpting your own body through exercise can be quite a crucible. However, in the global fitness environment that offers countless frameworks for losing love handles, you can easily find an entertaining way to lose weight. The answer is in the music. The compilation of your favorite songs is not only a balm for the soul but also a perfect motivator to keep moving and forcing your body to perspire as the fat melts off. Here’s why it is perfectly plausible to dance your belly fat away.

The 101 of dancing the fat away

Enrolling in aerobic and dancing classes that are specifically aimed at weight-loss is probably the best alternative for people that dislike going to the gym. It is also a perfect framework for those of you that enjoy some wholesome, unadulterated fun. The beneficial effects of music on one’s mental state cannot be understated!

However, it goes without saying that even dancing classes require some preparation. If you have to work on your endurance, a certain quality of life improvements can make all the difference in the world. Ankle compression socks, light athletic shoes and workout shorts that are designed to minimize chafing go a long way, and they might render the learning curve less steep.  

Why dance?

They say that cardio exercises – especially regular jogging – is one of the most reliable methods to sculpt your lower body and lose fat. While this holds for a majority of people, some may find the results lacking.

We all need at least 30 minutes of exercise every day to experience results in the long run. A 30-minute jog is a wonderful outlet, but if you take up dancing, you employ more muscles, make the routine less repetitive and engage in some form of eclectic exercise ‘supersets’ that allows you to surprise your musculature and metabolism many times over during a singular session.

Now, when it comes to the hours you require in order to lose weight through dancing, 2.5 hours a week can do the trick for you but it is not necessarily something you should adhere to. In other words, if you can dedicate 5 hours a week (45 minutes a day) to dancing, you are golden. Plus, it doesn’t sound that drastic, does it? An hour of intense dancing can help you lose between 300 and 400 calories, depending on the quality of your diet.

Do some freestyle

Since we have mentioned the ‘eclectic’ opportunities dancing allows you, it might be prudent to spend an hour freestyle dancing, mixing up the moves and trying to engage every muscle group you possibly can. Additionally, freestyle dancing also gives you a chance to express yourself through moves, get that pent-up energy out and feel psychologically more balanced afterward.

Belly dancing

However, there is hardly anything so focused and effective for losing belly fat and love handles than belly dancing. By learning this ancient and alluring discipline, you will force your entire pelvis and core area to squeeze out every last ounce of fat-laden sweat, and activate even the most dormant muscles. It also improves flexibility, circulation and does wonders for the shape of your buttocks.

Urban/street dancing

The street is as good an area as any to do some dancing, however, if you want to participate in something as demanding as hip-hop dancing, you need to acquire the necessary skills, moves, and prowess before you decide to take it onto the street. IN other words, this can be a nice and concrete goal as you enroll in a hip-hop dancing class that is guaranteed to take you to your physical edge. The best thing about it is that you won’t even notice as your belly fat practically disappears since you’ll become obsessed with achieving the high-energy workout requirements and combining moves into sets befit of the most jaw-dropping showmanship.


 Sometimes, it may seem that, in spite of your best efforts, those love handles simply refuse to go away. In a world where fitness is going through a particularly interesting renaissance, individuals are constantly seeking out new methods to turn the ‘weight loss’ experience into something lighter and, for the lack of a better expression, more entertaining. After all, if you could have fun while working out to melt the fat away, it would be like killing two flies with one blow.

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