Best Parties in Town: Eight Ways to Find the Best EDM Concerts

You cannot party with the best EDM music if you cannot find it. If you are looking for the best EDM concerts around, then you will want to have an array of resources and options to look through. This way, when the party is going, you are always in the know.

When it comes to finding the best concerts, there is a lot to consider. How much will you pay? Can you get tickets at the last minute to a show you just heard about? And what else is there to do on the night of the show?

Technology and mobile apps make it easy for you to find the best EDM concerts. Not only will we discuss that, but also we will look at some solutions for a fun night out. Now, it is time for a look at eight ways you can find your next party.

1. Songkick

The Songkick app is definitely one of the best out there for music lovers. Since it can sync with your music library (whether on Spotify or someplace else it does not matter) it is able to find out who your favorite artists are and alert you when they are nearby.

Songkick is one of several apps that work like this and is easily one of the most popular. The app has been around since 2007 and more than 15 million people worldwide use it to track down local concerts.

2. Make a Concert Calendar

You can do this virtually as well as with good ol’ paper and pen. Build a concert calendar that shows when your favorite artists are going to be in town and where. This way, you know who is going to be in the area.

One reason a concert calendar is helpful for seeing as many shows as possible is budget. If you know that April is going to be packed with awesome EDM concerts, perhaps you pick your favorite two or three and go to those.

Or, if you know it is the only concerts on the horizon, you say “forget it” and attend them all. Your choice.

3. GigBox

For Android users, Gigbox gives fans an opportunity to find relevant local events. What is so nice about GigBox is they may recommend concerts of bands you like, as well as bands you might like based on your music library.

Their app comes with features that make it more social than an app like Songkick. And the app is integrated with, which makes it easy to sign up.

Most people say that the app runs very quickly, has a nice interface, and that the database for events is huge. GigBox is one of the most popular apps out there.

4. StubHub

On the non-music side of things, do not forget to subscribe to email services and updates on ticket websites like StubHub. For new releases, sites like StubHub or even Ticketmaster are good options, too.

With StubHub’s customizable profile, you can set alerts, buy tickets to events that are not concerts, and even resell your tickets if you cannotmake it to a show. There is a reason StubHub has been around forever—it is great for knowing what is going on with concerts in your area.

5. BandMate

BandMate syncs with your phone’s personal calendar, which takes away some of the confusion of having everything integrated into the app itself. If you have to go in and enter everything manual (or worse, cross-reference five schedules), that is not a very convenient solution.

Reviews call BandMate the “most thorough” of all the concert connecting apps out there.

6. YPMobile

Do you still use YellowPages? Maybe you do or maybe not, but you likely have not heard of their subsidiary site, YPMobile. And if you are trying to hear about the latest music, that is a shame.

What is great about YPMobile is you can find more than just a concert on it. Using Yellowpages, you can find the bar you will go to before the concert, where you will get dinner in the area, and then get directions to the music show you are seeing.

It is all built right into the app with the power of YellowPages backing it up.

7. Jukely

Check out the app people are calling the “Netflix for finding concerts”. Jukely is an app that costs $25/month, but gets subscribers into music shows in sixteen different cities. All you do is subscribe, discover the music you like in your area, and then you are able to get tickets to it through the platform.

If you are the kind of gal or guy that loves going to see live music on a regular basis, Jukely might be worth the monthly investment.


To get into the venue, you will have to buy tickets. DICE makes this easier. Basically, you are able to buy tickets to the best parties and concerts across the world that are not available on sites like Ticketmaster or StubHub.

DICE also takes the liberty of ensuring that no scalpers are allowed on the site. This means you are not receiving pricey, twice-bought tickets from some guy just trying to make a buck. Instead, you are buying from other people just as passionate about music.

EDM Concerts and Where To Find Them, Wrapped Up

Your next night out at an EDM show just got easier. These six apps, as well as some tips for getting concerts on the calendar, makes finding and going to EDM concerts in your area much easier.

We, One EDM, are your #1 resource for EDM events. Check out our events page to find out more about what we have going on in your area!

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