Festival Camping Essentials to Have After COVID-19 Ends

A list of camping essentials to have before the music festival experience returns

Even though the COVID-19 pandemic has made festivals a thing of the past and something that everybody is missing, things are eventually going to get back to normal. You will need to have a few things prepared for when that happens, besides your enthusiasm and feeling of freedom. Nowadays, all you can do is listen to music and read about music on Sound UnSound. However, the times that festivals are going to fill your soul with joy are not far away. It is better to be prepared in order to be able to enjoy them at their true level, especially while camping. Our list of festival camping essentials will get you all covered.

A good waterproof tent

If you are not familiar with camping, you should know that tents come in many shapes and sizes, but the shape is not the essential thing here. The size matters but you can choose that after you have decided how large the group you are traveling with is.

The important thing is for the tent to be easy to put together and also for it to be easy to transport. A tent that has inflatable poles is a great way to make it easier for you to install. Believe it or not, there are tents that are not waterproof and they are usually the cheapest, so make sure to avoid them.

A good mattress

If you sleep for even one night on a mattress that is not comfortable, you will not be able to enjoy your festival camping experience because you will be tired and you might also be in pain. A good inflatable mattress also has insulation properties and it will help you sleep like a baby. After many hours of dancing, you will definitely need it.

Warm sleeping bag

You can never be too picky when it comes to a good rest and one of the most important things when you sleep in a tent is to avoid being cold. If you have never bought a sleeping bag before, you should know that they are built for different temperature ranges. In order to have a good night’s sleep, you should buy one made especially for cold weather.

A sleeping bag that has a down filling is a great choice even if it is more expensive because a good sleeping bag is an investment and you will be able to use it for many festivals to come if you decide to buy a high-quality one.

A performant cooler

As festivals are usually held during the summer, you will definitely want to have a big enough cooler to hold all of your beverages. Also, you will need to keep your food somewhere where it will not deteriorate in order to stay safe and to have something to eat in between the party sessions, so a large enough cooler is a must for the festival camping experience.


Imagine that you are watching your favorite band perform on the stage, you take your phone out to film the experience and your phone battery is dead. Not such a great image, is it? This is why you need to take at least 2 fully charged portable chargers with you in order to never be out of battery. 

Also, having a charged battery is important in order to be able to stay in contact with your friends in case you break up in different groups during the festival.

Hand sanitizers

Many people go to ( festivals and they also usually drink a lot. This is why the toilets are usually a mess and you don’t always have the possibility of washing your hands. This is why always having with you a small bottle of hand sanitizer is a great practice even when there is no pandemic that you need to pay attention to.

Solar chargers

A great alternative to the portable chargers that we have talked about is solar chargers. They are great at keeping your phone’s battery charged but they have a disadvantage during cloudy days and you can never be sure about the weather during the full festival. Therefore, a good practice is to have a portable charger and also a solar charger with you at all times.

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