Festival Essentials: Guide To EDC Orlando 2019

Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) Orlando has announced for 2019 that they are expanding the music festival to three full days. Here is a go-to guide to help get prepared to experience a magical weekend under the Electric Sky. EDC Orlando is one of the many festivals curated by Insomniac. Last year was huge, and this year looks even bigger. Prepare for EDC Orlando 2019

Arrive Early One Of The Days

There are three days to EDC Orlando 2019 and each day they are influenced more by various different types of electronic music. All of the stages are set up within Tinker Field, which is a huge outdoor baseball field. Pick the day with the most DJ’s you want to see and get there early so you can experience the kandi making tents, delicious food, rides, the spectacular drinks, and more.

Bring Portable Charging Gear

When attending the festival, it is recommended you bring a portable charger or charging case. It is extremely likely that your phone will absorb all of its battery before the end of the night. To stay safe and in contact with your friends and family, you can use the portable charger to charge your phone. These portable devices are allowed into the festival. For more essentials, make sure to check out the 15 festival essentials you will need to survive festival season 2019 and learn more about these cruises while in town.

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One really important thing to prepare for ahead of time for EDC Orlando: parking. EDC Orlando parking is pretty expensive, $30 a day, per car. It is $50 a day if you want premier parking. Its recommended staying at the closest hotel near the venue because of walking distance. If not, take an Uber or Lyft with friends and family because of the traffic to the park. The festival will also be offering shuttle services that festival attendees can also utilize to get to and from the festival grounds.

Stay Hydrated

When attending any festival, it is always important to stay hydrated.
EDC providing free water truly shows how much they care for the rave community. The most popular is the CamelBak Hydration Pack or a Reusable Water Bottle. Water is your best friend and your lifeblood. So, stay hydrated while dancing the night away. The lines for water are long and your body becomes so dehydrated at this festival, you will go through your water bottle in less than ten minutes. A hydration pack will last you an entire set and you can have a water bottle as a backup.

Download the EDC Orlando App

This app is the go-to when wanting to plan out your adventure under the electric sky. With all the dance music and attractions to experience, you will not want to miss out on anything, and the EDC Orlando app is the best way to find everything for your festival needs.

Mind Your Belongings

Unfortunately, many people have reported pickpockets, bag slashing, and theft of wallets, smartphones, purses, and other valuables during EDC Orlando. Pay attention to who and what is going on around you. Keep your wallet and phone in your front pocket(s) if you can.

Things to do in Orlando

While visiting the city, make sure to check out the different hot spots in the area. Some highly recommended ones are Disney, Universal Studios or even catch a show by the popular Orland-based Hypnotist Richard Barker. Outside of the just attractions, Orlando also has great shopping destinations that are perfect for anyone.

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