How to Choose the Best Background Music for Games

Background music for video games can influence the popularity of the game amongst the gamers

Written by: Danor Aliz

It is time to plump for the background music for your game that resonates with the feel of the game. Are you finding it difficult to choose the right music?

All of us have our preferences and picks when it comes to music, and sometimes it depends on the people. Determining the right kind of background music for your game is indispensable. The soundtrack that you choose should tally and match up with your audience. Hence, it is pivotal that you choose a piece of music that feels right for the game and which will connect with your audience. Be it while the player is meddling with their luck with casino slots or playing a high-end graphics game, the music has an effect that goes unsaid, often.

First, you need to know where to begin. You can augment and reinforce your game’s reach and involvement if you put up a little additional effort to get that shot. There are many things to contemplate when it comes to choosing the right background music, like the tone of the content, your audience, and your budget.

Think about the role of the background music for your game

Consider the role it would play in your game. Should the track support or propel the message?

If you want to choose music that carries the view of the game, then choose one which will not pull the complete attention of the player. Otherwise, choose music that speaks loudly and elicits the emotions of the player.

How to select the right background track

  • Ensure that the music does not capture the full attention of the player.
  • Make sure the music has a steady pace.
  • Make sure the music is complementing the game.

Choose your genre for the music

Here are some of the genres that convey different emotions:

  • Corporate: Engaging, entrancing, meek
  • Cinematic: Sweeping, grand, winning
  • Ambient: Soothing, pacific, tranquil
  • Acoustic: Empathetic, sensitive, insightful
  • Comedic: Enjoyable, bright, stirring
  • Electronic: Cerebral, atypical, unusual 
  • Hip Hop: Edgy, fast, brisk. 
  • Rock: Raw, gritty, solid. 
  • Funk: Vivid, differing, sharp

Pace and tempo

While choosing a music track for your background music, consider few criteria like the pace of the music – whether it should be fast-paced, medium-paced, or slow. Also, check the tone and tempo of the music.

Keep a budget

There are music options for different budgets:

  • Small: Search for music with a creative commons license. It is easy, uncomplicated to get, and there are various options for you.
  • Medium: Pay an amount between $10 and $100 to get a royalty-free track from any music library. It is of higher quality than the creative common one.
  • Large: Get customized music for $300 to $1,000. Custom music is a great way to showcase your brand.

Original music

One of the overriding things to ask yourself is if you want original music or not. 

You can find many distinct music libraries that offer contrasting and unique music options that can be used for various genres. One of the best things about these is that they are budget-friendly, reasonable, and easily accessible. You also have the option to listen to the music before buying them. You can also explore a mixture of tracks in different styles, flair, and approaches.

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