How to Find Single EDM Lovers for Dating and Relationships

Here are the seven places for EDM fans to find that "special someone" who shares the same love for electronic music

It’s great to date someone with similar hobbies and interests, but finding a partner who loves EDM as much as you isn’t always easy. After all, although times are changing, it’s still not the most mainstream of music genres right now. However, if you would really love to date someone who you can take to EDM parties and concerts, there are some effective ways to find people like that. This article lists seven of the best places to find single EDM lovers for dating and relationships.

Concerts and festivals

Let’s get the obvious answer out of the way first! When you are at Electric Daisy Carnival, Creamfields, Tomorrowland or any smaller EDM festival, you are surrounded by thousands of people who adore this music. As you probably know, EDM festivals are full of good vibes. None of this posing and trying to look like the coolest festival-goer on Instagram. People are here primarily for the love of the music. So, when you are at a festival (or any type of EDM event), go and say hi to that person you like the look of.

Online dating

Online dating is not just the free-for-all of Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid, and so on. There are actually several niche online dating websites where you can find a partner based on their music tastes. Here are some sites where you’ll likely meet plenty of EDM lovers:

  • Tastebuds – You will be asked to enter your musical tastes as you register for this iOS app. It will then recommend potential partners near you with similar tastes. At the time of writing, some 1.4 million messages had been exchanged on Tastebuds in the previous month. So you can bank on there being a few EDM lovers from your city waiting to speak to you.
  • Vampr – Vampr is a dating app for musicians and music lovers. The user interface is extremely similar to Tinder. There are potentially more guitarists than DJs on this app, but there’s still plenty for EDM lovers to enjoy here.
  • – Another dating website aimed at music lovers. This website looks like it was designed in the late 90s, but hey that’s when EDM was at its peak! (Seriously though, we can’t find any reviews for this website, so there’s no guarantee of a thriving user base).

A small user base is the main problem with most niche dating apps, especially if you don’t live in a big city. As such, you might prefer sticking with the giants of the online dating world. You have to make it clear in your bio what type of partner you’re looking for whether it be for a relationship or if you’re just looking for solid hookup apps for a one night stand. This guide lists some of the most effective online dating websites of the year.

Bars and nightclubs

You can bank on EDM lovers in your city also being regulars on the club scene, especially at nightclubs that specialize in electronic music. Many up and coming EDM groups may be in your city, so you can check out the bars they frequent.

Friend of a friend (of a friend)

Even in this crazy era of finding partners through swiping your phone, a friend’s recommendation remains one of the most common ways to meet a partner. If you have a friend who loves EDM, ask them if they have any hot single friends with similar music tastes. If none of your friends like EDM, then surely they at least have a friend who does.

In that case, get introduced to that person and begin meeting their friends. The more friends you make who love EDM, the easier it will be to get introduced to like-minded singles. This list isn’t just for finding dates for love EDM, by the way. You can find friends who love EDM using all these suggestions too.

Rave clothing shops

Rave festival clothing is a unique fashion trend. But if you’re lucky enough to have a retail store that specializes in this type of clothing, you’ll be sure to find EDM fans nearby. Striking up a flirty conversation with a stranger in the daytime is a dying art form. But making a comment about an apparent shared interest is a great way to get a conversation started. Now, we’re not saying you should be loitering in the mall waiting for hotties to enter the rave clothing store. However, if you happen to see someone there…go and introduce yourself.

Sliding in the DMs

If you can’t make it to the latest EDM concert or festival, you can still try and connect with those who were there using Instagram. Instagram allows you to geo-tag your images and it’s possible to check out all the photos taken in a specific location. So, why not slide in the DMs of the hotties you spotted enjoying themselves at the latest rave in your city? 

A lot of people disregard DM-sliding as a low-risk, low-success strategy, but there are effective ways to do it. (Here’s a great start: say something more compelling than ‘hi’ or ‘hey’). If you have an attractive IG profile, which clearly shows you have interests similar to the people you’re messaging, that really helps too.

Online communities

There are plenty of online communities where EDM lovers gather to share content and indulge in their love of this music genre. Reddit is a great website for this. Try checking out subreddits like /r/ElectricDaisyCarnival or /r/aves. Or check out Clikd, a fun social sharing app that connects people who have the same hobbies. Clikd is being used by lots of users to find people with similar music tastes to them.  

Alternatively, type EDM into the Facebook search bar then navigate to ‘Groups’. There are tons to choose from, and you may even find one for your home city.Perhaps you’ll find someone you click with in communities like these. Sure, it’s more of a long shot and a long play. But you’ll be surprised how many people are finding love in unorthodox corners of the internet these days.

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