International Festival Travel Checklist

Whether you are a festival virgin or festival-head, this checklist will ensure you pack every essential. The trick to packing for an international festival is preparation, you are going to be out in the elements and must be as prepared as possible. Featuring the ultimate list of festival fabulousness as well as the incredibly practical – ensuring you a safe, stress-free time.

Plan Ahead

Check passport expiration and renew if needed. Your passport must be valid throughout your stay in whatever country you are visiting, but many countries also require credibility past your planned travel date. For example, France requires your passport to remain credible for three months beyond your planned flight date in order for you to visit. If you need to renew your passport, retaking passport photos is a must. You can go to your nearest U.S. post office, pharmacy, and shipping center.

Notify your bank that you are traveling. Running out of cash when traveling to a festival is not a big deal when you have got debit/credit cards with you. The situation of your cards declined in a different country is a mood changer. Ensure that you’ve contacted your bank and they are aware of your travel plans. 

Have local currency ready. While having cash in hand, you are prepared for a card decline or a small store or outlet that only accepts cash. The best strategy is to exchange money before you leave for your trip at your local bank or credit union, as most offer this at the best rate. While you can always exchange currency at an airport, though the fees are often high and you will likely not get the best exchange rate.

Purchase a local Sim card. Depending on how long you plan on traveling, a local sim can be a great way to save some cash. If you are traveling within Europe, you can purchase a sim beforehand that will come preloaded with call minutes and mobile data.

Make sure your plane and international festival tickets secured. Have your plane ticket and festival wristband or ticket in a safe place because these two items are essential for your festival trip.

Pack It Up

Once the pre-planning done, then it is time to pack. Here are some essential items to add to your suitcase when flying to an international music festival:

Backpack, Fanny pack, Roller Backpacks or CamelBak. For any festival, these items are a must. You will glad you brought one to stash your water, beverages, snacks, money, etc.

Clothes. Before picking out outfits, do a quick weather check. Given that, what you wear totally depends on what festival you will be attending or what city the festival is located. Firstly, pack comfortable clothes for all the transportation that you will be experiencing. Afterwards, pack your festival wear and have outfits ready for when you want to explore the hosted city of the festival.

Adapter plug & portable charger. Different countries require different power adapters. Grab a Multi-Adapter and make sure you have all bases covered. There is nothing worse than having tech you cannot charge. Secondly, have a portable charger because your phone serves as your lifeline at a music festival. It is how to stay in contact with family and friends when you split up for sets at different stages.

Toiletries. Be sure to put together a bag of your toiletries and any medication essentials for your music festival packing list, but only in sensible amounts. Remember, all liquids must be under three ounces in a clear, quarter-sized bag. If you need more than three ounces, fill more than one container. Don’t forget your tretinoin coupon for your acne treatment for you or for your child.

Bonus Traveler Tips

Do research on local transportation. Every country has its own system of local transportation that is well-known to locals but foreign to everyone else. For example, When in London, you will need an oyster card to survive (and mind the gap).

Learn a few phrases before you go. You will find it easier to communicate and the locals will appreciate your efforts.

Make the most of being abroad. There is more to see than just the festival grounds and it is worth doing some sightseeing while you are there. You never know, you might plan another trip to perhaps return to it.

Wrapping Up the International Festival Checklist

Whichever Country or music festival you attend, think ahead and then pack the things that will make your experience worry-free. Therefore, you can relax and enjoy the best international festival ever. Check out this article about passport photos and start traveling today.

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