The Equipment Needed for a Great Gaming Streamer Setup

The best advice for anyone who wants to be a world-class gaming streamer

Written by: Gaby Alexander

One of the biggest trends in the 21st century could be the enormous number of self-employed individuals who earn good revenue from their home. The internet has facilitated this emergence of online content creators who get paid by their fans, the platform they use, sponsors and even collaborations with brands. Many who have acquired fame on these various platforms have gone on to build their own successful companies.

Getting recognition as a gaming streamer

Twitch and YouTube are two of the biggest platforms where viewers and content creators come together. It is fairly easy to get started with streaming online, but once you gain the recognition, you will feel the need to upgrade your devices and to make everything seem more professional. Even office-goers who spend their day time on their laptops and combine pdf files, come home in the evening and change into streamer mode. Live Streaming their favourite games is a way for them to earn an additional income and also share something they love with people who have similar interests.

Now, if you are unsure about getting started with this wonderful activity, or if you want to upgrade your setup, here are some things to consider.

Good streaming software

Choosing the right streaming software will help you capture your screen and share it on whichever platform you choose. Most kinds of streaming software available today are highly customizable and can be configured to be on-brand with your theme. Streamlabs OBS continues to be considered one of the best live streaming software available online today. It has a wide array of helpful features that let you tweak and optimize the stream to your liking. Other popular options when it comes to streaming software include XSplit, Wirecast, and vMix.

A video camera

Not everyone is comfortable with having a face cam in their live stream. But if you do decide to include it, it is a fantastic way to connect with your audience and makes it much easier for them to see your reactions. Those who use a laptop while streaming might tend to use their webcam, but it is not always the best option. Most gamers use PCs and fixing up a good quality video camera pointed at your face can tremendously improve the quality of your streams. Now, you could pick up a cheaper version, but they will require a strong light source to adequately record your face.

The lighting

Most streamers tend to rely on the light coming from their screens when using a face cam. But this light changes as the video on your screen changes and can be a bit annoying to the viewers. To combat this, you’ll need steady sources of light that will keep your face illuminated. Using a single light often makes things dramatic and harsh, so try to use the main light in combination with a much softer one, both positioned behind the camera. 

Adjust the angles and intensities of these lights until you have achieved the best lighting.


Gaming monitors

Unlike regular monitors, gaming monitors come with better features such as quicker responses, better colours and other visual elements. Needless to say, your gaming experience can significantly benefit from a good monitor. But, since you will be streaming, it is best to have two monitors in front of you. One of them will be fully dedicated to the game while you use the other to control your streaming software, check whether everything works well and respond to comments.

A gaming mouse and keyboard

These pieces of equipment come with most PCs, but as a gaming streamer, you’ll require ones that will better suit your needs. Gaming mice are lighter and come with several additional buttons that can reduce the need for you to use the keyboard as much. They are also largely customizable, something not commonly offered by ordinary mice. Consider the grip style, the weight and the dots per inch before you purchase the right gaming mouse. 

Similarly, gaming keyboards also come with customizable settings, unlike standard ones. They often tend to be smaller in size to give you more space to move your mouse around. Many gaming keyboards lack several sets of keys that are typically not required while gaming and you can customize the keyboard lights according to each game you play.

A headset

A good headset is one of the most indispensable parts of your game streams. If you do not want to purchase a separate micjust yet, you can use this to capture your audio, and the best headphone mics give you excellent noise filtering. 

When you play multiplayer games, you need to always clearly understand what your teammates are saying and stay alert regarding any suspicious sounds. A good gaming headset will help you improve your skills while transmitting your voice to your viewers. Gaming headsets are a big part of the market today, so analyze and compare each feature before you purchase one. When you do decide to upgrade your gear a bit more, do not forget to invest in a good quality mic.

Summing up

Do not feel intimidated by the gear we have mentioned above. There is a big variation in the prices of different models and brands of each equipment. You can quickly start with ones that don’t hurt your budget and invest in better gear as you begin to gain a steady income from the streams.

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