The Pros And Cons Of Going To EDM Festivals

Ranging from festivals like Electric Daisy Carnival to Tomorrowland, music festivals are considered highly enjoyable experiences to be had by people of different ages. In fact, one of the biggest benefits of attending EDM festivals is having fun with friends. However, then there are also several cons associated with attending festivals. This article provides information on the different pros and cons of going to EDM festivals.

Pros Of Attending EDM Festivals?

#1:  Seeing Your Favorite Musician Live

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Obviously, it is an amazing feeling to both see and say that you have seen your favorite musician perform live. The same is true at EDM festivals. imagine seeing David Guetta hold a set, and you were there to experience it. Of course, using the power of your camera phone, you will film it to show everyone you know that you are there. Just be sure that the Snapchat story is not over ten minutes long because no one is going to sit through that.

#2:  Clicking An Awesome Instagram Picture

We all want the best Instagram picture we could get, and one of the most awesome is a group shot at a music festival. The girls will have their make-up and hair on point and the guys will have the muscles with surfer’s hair to be truly desirable (or at least they think so). An image like this is more than likely to receive hundreds of likes on Instagram, as well as making the ideal Facebook profile pic.

#3:  Not Having To Care

One of the best things about music festivals is the carefree attitude. In fact, it is the ideal time to throw caution to the wind and be irresponsible. Of course, people care about the outfit they are wearing and how they should style their hair. However, when some sense of style has been obtained, you can soak up the festival vibes and become completely irresponsible – at least for a few days.

#4:  Creating A Memory

Life is about creating memories, particularly when you are young and carefree, so you can look back one day and talk about those festivals. After all, they are good tales to tell to your children who plan on going to music festivals in the future. 

Cons Of Attending EDM Festivals?

#1:  The One Friend Who Has Too Much

As with all things, there are some cons to attending music festivals. In fact, one of the biggest cons is dealing with that one friend who drinks too much. More often than not there is one person (call him “Harry”) who will have more than they can handle. After drinking or smoking more than he can handle, Harry will vomit or pass out. As a result, another friend has to be the designated parent.  Darned Harry!

#2:  Watching Things From The Back

While it is fun to see your favorite artist perform, only a small percentage of people can get up close and personal in the front row. In most cases, this is rarely you. As a result, you need to be content with “seeing” the act from the sound board area. In fact, you may not see the artist at all, and it could be a cover band for all you know.

#3:  Losing Your Friends

You may arrive with your friends, but it is unlikely that you will remain with them throughout the day or weekend. Furthermore, at festivals, it can be really difficult to find your friends within the festival grounds. Furthermore, at festivals, cell phone service is often particularly bad.

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