The Three Main Ways to Cool Your Wines

Great ways to cool wine before drinking

You should cool your wines to maximize the flavor profile. If wines are too cold, their subtle notes are muted. On the other hand, wines that are too cold tend to have over-powerful flavors that are less enjoyable to the taste.

In order to get the best flavor, you should cool your wines to their optimal temperatures. You can do so by using one of the following three main ways to cool your wines that we have listed below.

1. Wine coolers

The most effective way to cool your wines is by using a wine cooler. This cooling technique will ensure that your wines are kept at an optimal temperature, which will make your wines tastier and longer-lasting.

Wine coolers are different than regular refrigerators in that they provide an environment ideal for the wine specifically. Regular refrigerators stay much colder than wine coolers, creating too cold of an environment for the wine.

Reasons to have wine coolers

The reason that you would prefer a wine cooler over the other cooling options listed is that they allow you to control the temperature of your wine down to the degree. Although this may seem like a minor detail, it is the best way to optimize the taste of your wine based on their chemical compositions. Wine coolers will do more than chill the wine, though. They will also control the humidity and provide a stable and exclusive place for your wines.

Another reason that you would prefer a wine cooler is if you drink wine regularly. Unlike the other options that require some prep to chill your wines, all you have to do with this option is place the wine in the cooler. Since they require little hassle, wine coolers are a great investment for frequent wine drinkers.

Best wine cooler options

The best wine cooler options on the market are the Koldfront, Edgestar, and Kalamara wine coolers. We’re not the only ones who think so, they’re also the best picks on, further ensuring a solid choice of brand.

Pros of having a wine cooler

  • Maximum control over the temperature of the wine
  • It can control humidity

Cons of having a wine cooler

  • Costs more than the other options
  • Requires more space

2. Ice water and salt bucket

Another great technique to cooling your wine is by placing the bottle in a bucket of ice water and salt. This technique is best if you want to chill your bottle of wine quickly. In fact, your wine can cool about 25 times faster than it would in chilled air since water is a more efficient thermal conductor than air.

There are two tips to remember when you are using this method. Firstly, be sure that you immerse the bottle completely. If it is not fully immersed, the wine will be unevenly chilled leaving the bottom of the bottle chillier than the top.

Secondly, you should have a certain ratio of water, ice, and salt. Fill about two-thirds of the container with ice. Then, add water, but leave enough room so that the water does not spill over the top when you submerge the bottle. Finally, put a handful of Kosher salt in the container.

The reason that you want to put Kosher salt in the bottle is that salt lowers the water’s freezing point. This means that the water will be able to get much colder without freezing, allowing your wine to chill much faster than it would without the salt.

Preserving the wine label

If you want to preserve the wine label, put plastic wrap around the bottle before submerging it in the bucket. This technique will not greatly affect the time it takes to chill the wine, but it will prevent the water from ruining the label on the bottle.

Pros of having ice water and salt bucket

  • Fast chilling time
  • Affordable
  • Uses regular household items

Cons of having ice water and salt bucket

  • Cannot control exact temperature
  • Can be messy

3. Frozen Grapes

A third wine cooling option is frozen grapes. For this cooling technique, you will need to freeze grapes and then place said grapes in your glass of wine right before you begin drinking. To freeze your grapes, simply choose the desired grape type. Then, wash the grapes to remove any dirt or chemicals. Once the grapes are washed, you can place them in a freezer-safe bowl and put the bowl in a freezer. The grapes should be frozen in a couple of hours.

This technique works in the same way that ice cubes make your water or soda cooler while you drink. The reason that you would prefer frozen grapes to ice cubes for your wine, though, is that the ice cubes will dilute the flavor as they melt. As an added bonus, frozen grapes are a tasty but healthy snack. They are very sweet and taste like flavorful popsicles!

Main downside of cooling frozen grapes

The main downside of this cooling technique is that the frozen grapes will not be able to chill your wine as thoroughly and evenly as the wine cooler or ice bucket options. So, this option is better for wines that have higher optimal temperatures.

Pros of frozen grapes

  • Affordable
  • Frozen grapes can double as a healthy snack

Cons of frozen grapes

  • Less control over the wine temperature
  • More difficult to chill wine thoroughly


It is important to know the various ways to cool your wines. We selected wine coolers as the best option because they are consistent and provide the most temperature control. We then selected an ice water and salt bucket as the second-best wine cooling option because of its speed. Finally, we listed frozen grapes as another wine cooling option.

By using these three ways to cool your wines, the temperature will be optimized, improving the flavor profile of the wine.

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