The Visual Side of Electronic Dance Music

What is so visual about EDM? It is seen in festival photos, stage designs, artist logos, album art, and music videos. At that, EDM is just as easily seen as it is heard. Specifically, the graphic design in EDM that takes invisible sounds and imprints a visual of the music.

Graphic Design in EDM

Graphic design is about visual communication. This is easily seen in any of the banners displaying a visual representation of an artist or festival or another entity of EDM. For example, the opportunity to design a Twitch banner, that displays a design representative of just about anything, especially brands.

So what if it is a banner? The music is at the heart of appreciation. That appreciation can only be heard if there is a way to find it. Go on and look for music in a list of releases on Beatport and a list of names come into view. The text alone only tells so much of about the music. A visual tells more. The first thing the eye sees is color, whereas, text requires both looking and the ability to read. Therefore, graphic representations are much more easier to recognize. Recognition is essential.

EDM Promotion through Graphic Design

Album art, is a visual communication that lets the on looker know the music it represents. As much text as there is written, here, a visual is in order. The next section displays some recognizable brands in EDM.

Album Art

From the glory days of QULT, the iconic QULT logo smiley represents the personality of the brand. Also, Spinnin’ Records, takes its play on words name into a literal representation of a vinyl record with the initial letter ‘S’ of Spinnin’ Records right in the middle. Premiere Classe label spells out the name in all upper-case and is restyled on each album with a modern art twist that unifies the brand’s high standards of music.

QULT Records album art
Spinnin’ Records album art
Premiere Classe album art

Festival Brand Logos

Most festivals curate their own logos that become even more recognizable than the events and music they represent. Then again, they are all intertwined. That is the idea: representing the music. Have a look below at the logo designs which scream the EDM festival names they represent.

*All images below from Google

Artist Typography

You know who they are. The typography further imprints the name in mind in a powerful yet familiar way.

These visuals of the music we appreciate further support the search for more EDM. It is eye candy to go with your ear candy. Thus, making the experience that much sweeter with graphic design in EDM.

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