Top 5 best racing games for Windows, let’s go!

If you are a fan of computer games, obviously you know how popular racing games are. If you have never tried to play racing computer games, then it’s time to correct this misunderstanding! And if you are a fan of such games, then we hope we will discover something new for you. 

Need for speed: Most Wanted 

Of course, we couldn’t start the list with another game. It is one of the most popular racing games! The game was released simultaneously with the Xbox 360 and was even timed to coincide with this big event in the world of games. The plot of the game captures from the first seconds, because the main character of the game must fight for the return of his cool car, get away from the police and earn points! In the game you will be greeted by daytime autumn landscapes. There will be no night races here, only daytime street races! 

Agree, sometimes you want to feel like a participant in games about cars not only in the virtual, but also in the real world. What to do if there is no car? In order not to spend money on buying and maintaining a car, you can use the car rental option! You will definitely not be left without trips, because car rental services are available in any city and of any kind! For example, Here you will find not only elite cars, but also ordinary ones. Car rental services give freedom of action for little money, try it! 

Burnout Paradise 

Do you like soft, comfortable races? Then never choose this game! Burnout Paradise is a game about drive, racing passion and danger! Here you can not only participate in competitions, riding by car, but also explore the terrain, get acquainted with the city, explore the space of the game! Here you can find the format of a network game and play with friends! Go ahead, racers! 

Carmageddon: Reincarnation

This game is only part of a large series, but it is very significant! This game is far from being about tenderness … If you want to win, you don’t have to come to the finish line first. This can be done in less honest and more exciting ways. It’s much faster and more exciting to smash all the rivals on the track!


Post-apocalyptic action is about Crossout! Here you will find unique cars, some of which are created by the players themselves! Here you can create, create. Creativity and thirst for speed are waiting for you. A detailed approach and a huge choice is why players continue to choose Crossout. Try it and you are sure you will like it! 

Drift Legends 

A classic racing game that amazes you with a beautiful design and easily adapted. Choose your car and go to conquer the virtual world! That’s how it works! This is a game for all fans of high speeds. If you are a true fan of high speeds and you are not afraid to face difficulties on your way, then welcome to fearless racing. Drift Legends has a realistic look, be ready to meet unbelievable feelings and have a fun time!

There are 5 super exciting and breathtaking games. Just wanted to give you some pieces of advice in the world of gaming! We hope you got something new for yourself! Are you interested? Then get to the game soon! We think there is definitely an option for everyone in this list! Big wins and exciting games!

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