Top 5 EDM Music Festivals to Get Married At

Electronic dance music festivals are just amazing. Attending such festivals with someone you hold dear is even more amazing. A music festival themed wedding makes a lot of sense: it is cost-effective, offbeat, and very enriching. Let your wedding be unique and enjoy a surreal experience that’s very special, but don’t forget to send out music festival wedding invitations to your family and friends.

Check out the following top EDM festivals.

1. Electric Forest

The Electric Forest festival is definitely worth considering for a music festival wedding. Here you will find serene woods, wonderful music, and awesome people. Love is everywhere, but at festivals, it feels more concentrated. At this festival, thousands of cool people from different parts of the world come together to dance, connect with others and much more. It is an atmosphere of complete acceptance and radiant positivity.

2. Shambala

If you and your spouse met at a music festival, or just love to attend such events together, getting married at the Shambala music festival can be a good idea. The environment here is just so beautiful; you will definitely love taking photos here! Similar to Electric Forest, Shambala also offers wedding services to the attendees.

3. Hangout Festival

The Hangout festival is quite popular for hosting wacky weddings. As a matter of fact, this festival has a resident minister known as Tommy Calloway, who is not only an ordained minister but also a professional comedian. Hangout Chapel hosts some of the craziest music festivals themed weddings and the attire is usually relaxed.

4. Burning Man

At Burning Man, the most obvious choice for tying the knot is Black Rock City, Although the unpredictable desert is an unusual venue to hold a wedding, couples who have officiated their love in BRC do not regret choosing this venue – most of them say it was the perfect place for their big day. This is no surprise as getting married among other EDM lovers, monumental art statues and a desert environment can be very special and unforgettable. This festival also offers wedding services to couples planning to get married.

5. Bonnaroo

Bonnaroo is just one of those festivals that inspire numerous love stories. Every year countless marriage proposals are witnessed here, normally beneath The Arch. The Arch is located at the entrance to the festival’s main grounds. Marriage at this EDM Festival is bound to be a hit!


Nowadays, many couples choose to get engaged and wed in EDM festivals, and in most cases, they always turn out great. If you are looking to have a majority of the wedding details handled for you, you should look for festival wedding packages. Such packages provide the venue for your big day on the festival’s grounds and a legally ordained minister.

However, you can still hold your ceremony at your favorite festival without getting a wedding package. Bring your own ordained minister, and choose a good spot at the festival or at a wedding chapel. It’s that simple!

Before the wedding, make plans to obtain your wedding license. Your music festival wedding invitations can be done via social media since you are going for a spontaneous wedding.

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