Top 5 Music Industry Charities

The music industry is one of the sectors that has shown its incredible efforts to make the world a better place through charitable events. Everyone is going through issues, but by coming together and helping where each person can, everyone will surely live with a smile on their face. Countless celebrities and renowned musician have turned their platforms as a base to help reach out to those undergoing various issues.

List of music charitable events

1. Cancer Health Care

There are lots of foundations established by the musicians to help stand with those who have cancer. These platforms are meant to raise money and pay for treatments for those individuals, pay for free tests and screening, and educate people on best lifestyle choices to stay cancer-free. Examples of this are the Stand-Up and Shout Cancer Fund, Musicians on Call and the T.J Martell Foundation.

2. Sweet Relief

This is a musical charity base meant to help musicians in need all over the world. It was started to help musicians who are yet to make it in the industry pay medical bills.

3. Music Funds

Music Funds was started to help push musicians and music schools in developing countries to the next level. It mostly involves the collection of instruments, repairing them and giving them out to the needy music schools and musicians.

4. Female Artist Empowerment

There have been issues on women empowerment in various industries where women feel left out, and the music sector is not an exception. However, the music industry has made a step ahead to help curb this problem by coming up with platforms to help women feel empowered and appreciated. These include Women in Music and Girls Rock Camp Alliance.

5. EDM Cares

EDM Cares is a not for profit organization created to provide opportunities for the dance community to become more involved in public outreach and community services. Our organization is based out of Denver Colorado and is founded by Niki Zytion, an Army veteran with a deep love for EDM and a desire to give back to the community through charitable donations and volunteer services.

His goal was to create an organization that would help overcome the unpopular opinion associated with the EDM scene, as well as provide the music industry an opportunity to give back to the communities where they live and work. Mr. Zytion has a long-standing relationship with the members of the electronic nightlife scene and wants to include professional organizations as part of his positive and communal team.

Music charities are all about educating, offering scholarships, and empowering those that are striving to make it in music. Learn more about this cause so you can understand how it works before joining the life-changing platforms

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