Top Dating Apps for EDM lovers

It’s 2018. The good old days, when people used to meet in cafes and parks, may be far behind us. With services like Badoo or Tinder, your special someone might be as close as one swipe away. But the majority of apps are aimed at a general audience, so finding a total match via them is almost impossible.

What if you’re crazy about EDM and look for a person, who would share your passion? Well, it’s pretty easy to do that using one of four major EDM dating apps.


Mutual music tastes are arguably the number one thing people pay attention to when looking for a partner. After all, it always feels better to have someone, who shares your love for raving. It’s a good thing that you no longer have to scan acres of fields at music festivals to find your match – Tastebuds will do the dirty job for you.

This dating website has gathered together hundreds of thousands of music addicts, so the chances of finding an EDM-loving girlfriend or boyfriend here are pretty high. Besides, the app is easy to join via Facebook. Tastebuds also scans through your iTunes library and to make sure that you definitely meet a person with the same music tastes. And because it’s a music-oriented app, you can send your online companion tracks through it.

Know that feeling when you can’t describe something with words but know a song that can do it perfectly? Yeah, the app developers know exactly how you feel. They also added a nice feature that allows Tastebuds to pick a song you can send to your crush based on her or his preferences.


Good news for those, who value their music tastes and consider them an important part of their lives: there’s a new dating service that connects techno lovers all over the world. Actually, the main idea of Mix’d is to bring together like-minded people (and nothing more), but no one says you can’t try and find that special someone here.

Mix’d incredibly easy to use. You start by creating an account and selecting musicians you like most. And even if you’re a fan of some underground artist, there’s still a chance you’ll find them on the list. The service’s algorithm scans through the artists you already picked and suggests the ones you might like.

Just like the majority of self-respecting dating apps, Mix’d connects to your Facebook account. Through it, the app imports the events you’re planning to attend. After that, it simply finds you potential matches with the same music tastes. Then you do some Tinder-like swiping until you find the one you’ve been looking for.


While still building up its user database, Glance app already makes it much easier to find your match at a club or festival near you. In contrast to Tinder’s way to connect lonely hearts, Glance allows you to browse the list of people, who are going to attend the event you’re interested in, even filter it by hobbies and sports and get someone with Football Medals.

This basically means that you can use the app to start chatting with someone you like even before you decide whether to attend the club or festival or not. You can arrange a meet up with the person you like long before you actually arrive at the event.

Given that such services as Glance aren’t as common now, the app can serve as a convenient way to patch that hole in your personal love if you had problems finding fellow EDM lovers before. If you really care about dance music, you have a chance to meet your soul mate on Glance.

Techno Dating

Well, this service isn’t for all EDM lovers. Instead, it’s designed to connect only those, who love techno. In general, it’s an ordinary dating site that allows you to send and receive messages, post and share pics of you having fun at techno festivals. Apart from that, you have the possibility to join or create group chats to discuss your music preferences with others or who also like video games like destiny 2 lfg.

All these apps do their job fine: they’re convenient, user-friendly, and have more or less decent profile databases.

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