Disneyland Announces “Electroland: Where Music Meets Magic!”

It’s happening, everyone. Disneyland Business Solutions has announced plans for an out-of-this-world music festival, Electroland, and it’s just as badass as it sounds.

Before you get too excited, it’s currently set to happen primarily in Disneyland Paris at Walt Disney Studios. On July 8, 2017, an all-star cast of top EDM artists will arrive in the city of romance for the park’s 25th anniversary and give festival-goers the opportunity to ride their favorite Disney rides will ingesting live, heart-gripping EDM magic. The major players announced include Steve Aoki, Nervo, Michael Calfan, Richard Orlinski and more.

The organizers behind the festival, Disneyland Business Solutions, developed the plan in juncture with the park’s 25th anniversary. The team is confident that those who cherished the park at young age 25 years ago can relive the magic once again in a modern, exciting light: “Electroland needs to be seen to be believed.”  They also mention “surprise immersive elements”.


Walt Disney Studios is planning to serve up some new aesthetic to match the special event. A new open air theater will be built via Production Courtyard with plans for showstopping projections on LED screens on the back of The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror ride. The rest of Walt’s lot will be open as well, including special food options and surprises for the festival. Some are suggesting that it’s a much larger version of California Adventure’s ElecTRONica (having personally attending this, I am positive it is going to be way, WAY bigger).


Interested? Score your tickets or just fantasize heavily here.


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