DJ SUB ZERO & UNOMAS Release “Better Together” Feat. MannyWellz

The Three Musicians Are Clearly "Better Together"

DJ SUB ZERO, UNOMAS and MannyWellz have recently teamed up to release “Better Together”. The brilliant collaboration sends us on a tropical vacation through sound. Beginning with a soothing guitar melody and light piano, you are instantly brought to somewhere sunny. The Caribbean-feel is all brought together with the reggae-like voice of MannyWellz singing about sunshine and how people are better together. If you want something light and happy, this collaboration will fill that desire.


Born in Lagos, Nigeria but raised in Maryland, MannyWellz offers his soul through music. He can go in and out of different genres and connect with his growing fan base whichever music-type he is playing. You cannot help but feel the passion in his music.


Marcos Casassa, aka UNOMAS, was named one of Miami’s Top Music Producers by DjMag. The artist has worked with some of the biggest labels in the industry, including Armada, Capitol Records, SPINNN, and Toolroom. UNOMAS has also done remixes for Alison Wonderland, Bobby Puma, Crystal Waters, STRFKR, Luxury and more.


Oliver Amiel, also DJ SUB ZERO, originated from Paris, France. Amiel began his music career in the 90’s focusing mainly on hip-hop. The DJ soon became famous in France as his music started popping up in record stores. Amiel then began to realize he did not belong in France, making statements about not liking wine and cheese and how he would rather watch the NBA. So, he moved to Miami, the perfect scene for a DJ.

DJ SUB ZERO has performed alongside some of the most recognized names in the industry like David Guetta and Bob Sinclar. He has also played privately for many celebrities, such as Kanye West, Tony Parker in Las Vegas, and at Prince’s after-party in Monaco. Amiel is also a regular DJ at the Cannes Film Festival and Fashion Week events in Milan and Paris. DJ SUB ZERO has clearly made a name for himself across the world.



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