Apple’s Shazam Deal Under Review by European Comission

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The European Commission will investigate the anti-competetive risks feared at the request of European anti-trust regulators

Apple’s  Shazam  Deal Under Review by European Commission

The seemingly good deal of $400 million for Apple’s acquisition of the popular music discovery app Shazam brings the possibility of anti-competitive risks.  Several European countries have expressed these concerns. The European anti-trust regulators have Apple’s Shazam deal under review by the European Commission.  Investigations are underway. The European Commission is to make a decision as to whether or not to clear the deal on April 23, 2018.

Apple's Shazam Deal
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Music Streaming Market to See Apple Overtake Spotify

The worldwide market for music streaming is seemingly competitive. For instance, there is the American company Apple versus the British company Spotify.   Apple’s Shazam deal makes for an even more competitive market. The move represents a favorable advantage for Apple because Shazam is a British app. However, the due concern among the European anti-trust regulators may change the course of Apple’s stance in the music streaming market. In addition, the  European Commissions have expressed concern over the acquisition. They describe it as  “big companies acquiring small but data-rich rivals.”

Apple's Shazam Deal
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Apple and Shazam

Since Apple is a major company, it has the potential to outperform or otherwise compete for other names in the music business realm.  Additionally, Shazam represents the key to open Apple’s name as a leader in music streaming.   With fair trade in mind, or perhaps not, the ongoing concern  surrounding Apple’s Shazam deal is in as much control as there can be.  At present, we wait for the Commissions findings to determine the fate of Apple’s Shazam deal.

Perspectives on the Apple Shazam Deal

Shazam is totally valuable and there is a $400 million price tag for it. Its dynamic effect on the European Union is asking the European Comission to handle the value.  However, the cause for concern is up to anyone to decide what its worth. There are those of its userbase who love it as a tool. This is because Shazam helps them enjoy discovering music in a way that is seemingly removed from the economic experience of it. According to the description of Shazam in the Apple Store, there is over 100 million month to month users. Yet such numbers are not so popular as the implications point back to the concerns of the anti-competitive risks under investigation.


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