Vivendi’s Ticket Servicer See Tickets Acquires LiveStyle’s Competing Brand Paylogic

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The deal benefits both Vivendi and Livestyle as tickets sales are shared among both companies subsidiaries

See Tickets Inherits Paylogic Customer Base

See Tickets‘ acquisition of Paylogic is projected to increase ticket sales within its already large customer base. According to Vivendi’s estimates, the numbers are in their favor:

Vivendi Ticketing expects to sell more than 20 million tickets a year to over 5,000 clients in over 30 countries thanks to the acquisition of Paylogic in April 2018.

See Tickets, Paylogic
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Such increases in ticket sales are feasible as See Tickets takes on potential sales from the addition of  Paylogic’s customers. Currently, Vivendi has tallied up the numbers in their press release that Paylogic “sells over 5 million tickets in more than ten countries”. The addition of these numbers to Vivendi’s ticket servicing brand  “significantly expands See Tickets global network” and therefore increases its potential revenue sources. This statistic shows that the ticket sales market is competitive. Consequently, the numbers seem like they are in favor of Vivendi as their ticket servicer, See Tickets, inherits Paylogic’s customer base.

See Tickets, Paylogic
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See Tickets
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See Tickets and Paylogic: A Deal within a Deal

While the customer base and number of sales benefit the See Tickets brand, the more significant share is between the parent companies Vivendi and Livestyle. Author Giddeon Gottfried explains the significance  of the deal in his article on Pollstar:

The Paylogic deal is part of a larger transaction between Vivendi and LiveStyle, which gives See Tickets the ticketing rights for the US festivals and events promoted by LiveStyle and its subsidiaries.

Vivendi and LiveStyle both benefit because the ticket sales pay for subsidiaries, and events that belong to both companies. While Paylogic collects sales directed under See Tickets, the customer bases consist of those that belong to both companies. This is to say that the combination of customer bases contributes to a shared wealth of ticket sales after the deal. The populous LiveStyle customer base spans the globe numbering in their counts at “six continents, 20+ countries, 1000+ events, 3.5MM+ show attendance”.

See Tickets, Paylogic

See Tickets, Paylogic
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The Intent of Transaction

See Tickets CEO Rob Wilmshurst confirms the intent is to boost the brand’s numbers, which are getting higher in the competitive market of ticket sales. The business deal is a plain one. Also, Wilsmhurst casually explains the deal as “business as usual'” in his interview with Pollstar. As a result, the business deal is setting up See Tickets for success. Acquiring Paylogic comes with “access to new geographies…skilled staff” and “new technological options, which will lead to increased sales”. The expectation of more sales is solid, and the market is evidently large enough to support the brand.

See Tickets, Paylogic
Photo from Pollstar.

Vivendi and LiveStyle Brands Share Mutual Benefit

LiveStyle CEO Randy Phillips confirms in his interview with Pollstar that the deal is “a Win/Win for LiveStyle, Vivendi, and Paylogic” because Paylogic still serves a large customer base among LiveStyle’s subsidiaries. Sharing the wealth in this way is to let Vivendi carry the work of making the ticket sales. Phillips insight is that “with Vivendi as the new owners” it will still “help the company grow”.

See Tickets, Paylogic
LiveStyle CEO Randy Phillips. Photo from Livestyle website.

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