10th Anniversary of Crush AZ

Crush AZ celebrated their 10th year anniversary this weekend. Two days of incredible artists including Alesso, 3lau, Slander, and an unheard of, fantastic drum and bass set from Seven Lions. It was one of the best lineups we have seen yet here in Arizona for 2019. Relentless Beats really outdid themselves with the whole experience. The outpour of positive posts on social media shows just how much fans enjoyed their experience. 

For more details on the event, venue, and romance blooming at Crush AZ music festival, check out One EDM’s in-depth experience below.


Venue – Rawhide Event Center

Relentless Beats did a brilliant job this time of setting up the Rawhide Event Center. Situated on the outskirts of Chandler, AZ, the event center is actually located on Indian reservation land. So it is a great mixture of Arizona’s beautiful desert landscape and sprawling city life. Wild Horse Pass Casino is located just outside the Rawhide grounds and offers rooms for an area to pre-party and for after-hours fun. The Relentless Beats team did an excellent job of accommodating the festival attendee’s needs.

The line for parking, was relatively quick both days this time. It definitely improved. The golf carts dropping people off near the festival entrance was a nice touch and very helpful especially at night when patrons made their way to their cars alone. They had security guards patrolling the lots, helping people who were worried about walking alone in the dark. The increase in safety measures made it so festival-goers would have a great experience while attending Crush.

Festival Amenities

The venue had plenty of restrooms, several drinking stations, and a large, very spacious area, and a VIP stage viewing area. Crush AZ had both inside and outside restrooms, plus a separate indoor facility for VIP. There were several areas to purchase drinks and the lines were short. Made it quick and easy to score a drink then head back to the crowd. Relentless Beats Rangers were walking around helping attendees who looked like they were not having a good time. The organization is a positive influence on AZ’s EDM community. Looking out for each other is very important. The attendees are glad to have them. The VIP setup is definitely improving. It had a perfect view of the stage and plenty of room to dance. The raised platform made it easy to snap pictures and cool off as it was easy to get a little warm while dancing.


Not too many choices for healthier food selections, but there were a few stands to purchase fairground type food. Crush AZ had several smaller shops to peruse for fun. We Rave Hard, Boom Boom, or The Icon Pop lollipop shop were selling their goods. Then a Relentless Beat’s merchandise shop was selling the latest clothing lines from fan’s favorite artists. People really seem to enjoy the new BTSM gear.


Additionally, Crush featured one very large stage positioned in the barn. This was a great move by Relentless Beats because it was a rather cold weekend in Arizona and the barn provided warmth and cover from the cold night. The stage featured a series of hearts, with a main monitor and lights centered right behind the DJ. It was a very unique set-up, utilizing the full width of the barn. It provided enough light such that attendees could enjoy the stage from any position in the room. People could sit, stand, and dance around with all the room in the barn.


Festival Ambiance

Meanwhile, people could feel the energy in the room. They were excited. The first night, people were there before sunset for an amazing set by an Arizona local, BARDZ. The crowd was a good mixture of both hardcore EDM fans and people looking to get out to have a good time. It was an explosion of energy both nights as the lineup included several heavy bass hitter sets and surprise guests, like Said The Sky and Chris from Galantis. There were crowd favorite sing-alongs and embracing moments in the crowd as people let loose and had a great time. It was electrifying.

Talent – Day One

For the most part, Day One was filled with heavy bass sets. Slander, Joyride, Spag Heddy, all came out with dirty, high bpm, bass drops that had the crowd rowdy and dancing. Slander surprised the crowd by bringing out Said the Sky to sing their new single together. The lineup came as surprise at first, since the main headliner for Day one was Seven Lions. But oh, little did the attendees know, Seven Lions throws a mad heavy bass set. It had to be one of the best performances of the entire weekend. Seven Lions came out with a very scary intro, crowned characters draped in white. The theme added to the intensity of his set as he switched between songs. That first drop stunning the crowd. In a matter of seconds, people were jumping up, crowding the stage. It was thrilling to watch from the VIP platform.


Talent – Day Two

By comparison, Day twohad more of a mixture of heavy bass and electro house artists. The lineup starting out with Blossom and Um... Then Wooli and Anna Lunoe brought that high energy beat with some amazing drum and bass followed by some gnarly bass drops. The final three acts of the night dropped incredible sets. Starting it out with the high intense energy of Black Tiger Sex Machine (BTSM) brought the intensity with a high energy electro house and dubstep set. Their fast-paced momentum and explosive bass drops brought a great crowd to the barn. 3lau changed it up by starting his set in heavy bass mode then shifted gears into more electro house style tunes. He surprised fans by bringing out Chris, from Galantis to play a few songs. The crowd went crazy for the surprise guest.


Alesso finished out the night with a beautiful electro house set. His high bpm mixed with entrancing lyrics only added to the night full of love, excitement, and delightful moments. The crowd, overpouring with love and excitement, showered each other with hugs, smiles, and kisses as they rang in the last of the night’s celebrations.

Was Love Blooming at Crush?

Whether you’re single or taken, there was a chance for love for everyone who attended Crush AZ. Always following Valentine’s Day, Crush has been a staple platform for people looking to celebrate love. Whether they have someone or hopeful in finding someone new, this festival has created an environment for people to connect. This not only includes romantic relationships but friendships too. Crush allowed people to let loose, forget about their problems, and open themselves to opportunity. People are more friendly, more talkative, and more open to experiencing something or someone new.

So whether your are looking for love, looking for friendship, or looking for new experiences, festivals provide a great platform for you to connect with others.

Special shoutout to Relentless Beats for treating One EDM like one of their own for the weekend. We appreciate it. Thank you.


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