Do Not Forget These 13 Bonnaroo Packing Essentials

Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival is an iconic, annual four-day camping music festival held in Manchester, Tennessee. Each year, the festival facebook pages and reddit threads are full of first timers, or just newer festival junkies, asking for the best Bonnaroo packing essentials. We are here to give you just that.

We have reached out to the Bonnaroo community and asked them what they think are the most important essentials for anyone attending Bonnaroo. Be sure to check out the actual poll here. Below is the summary of the pole going from most recommended to least of items that should be on any Bonnaroo attendees packing list.

13 Bonnaroo Packing Essentails

I. Camping Gear

  1. Canopy: Surprisingly this was the most popular suggestion (even ahead of tents). These are an essential when it comes to Bonnaroo and surviving the Tennessee June heat. Not only are they great to hangout under during the day, but they are also a great to sleep under too. Bring along a pool noodle to put in the corners of the canopy to prevent sagging incase of rain.
  2. Tapestries: A secondary fan favorite at Bonnaroo are tapestries. They provide a highly diverse option set for festival goers. Tapestries can be hung up around your canopy (with zip ties) to provide shade or a great place to sleep. They can also double as blankets, or are great for sitting on while inside Centeroo.
  3. Battery Fans: When festing in the summer having some type of fan is important. These are found just about anywhere, from Walmart, Amazon to even Bed Bath and Beyond.
  4. Carpets and Tarps:Great for walking around on and even taking an afternoon nap on under the canopies. Bring along some tarps to ensure that if it rains any gear on the ground will not soak from underneath. Carpets are great to lay over them to provide a more comfortable feel.
  5. Headlamps vs. Lanterns: Both of these options are pretty popular with festival attendees. However, lanterns seemed to be favored a little more. It gets dark at night so having something to see inside of the tent and any common grounds is important.
  6. Multi-tools: These are great for just about anything. You can get them at Walmart or Amazon. Also, they contain several different important tools like a small knife, scissors, and pliers. All of these tools are frequently asked for within the festival grounds.

II. Toiletries/ Personal

  1. Toilet Paper: Extra toilet paper is absolutely essential to Bonnaroo. Depending on where you are in the camp grounds, port-a-potties may not be the cleanest. This means they likely will not have toilet paper either. Bringing extra is a great way to avoid that awkward moment when you reach for it, and it is not there.
  2. Blankets: When evening comes, blankets will also be absolutely essential. Although it is hot during the day, temperatures tend to drop at night. Make sure to bring along some warm and fuzzies. They are great for sitting and watching the sun rises on the farm, or staying warm during the lat night sets.
  3. First Aid Kit: It is inevitable that someone will eventually need a bandaid or some neosporin during the festival. Also, having a first aid kit will keep anyone prepared for those moments. Make sure to also include some CBD Oils for anyone in the group to ease their sores after days of contiuous festing.
  4. Bug spray and Citronella Candles: Being surrounded by bugs at a camping festival in inevitable. Take some steps to keep them from overrunning the campsite or your tent.
  5. Hydration Pack: More or less a no-brainer but worth mentioning. Bonnaroo is held during the peak of summer so having a hydration pack will keep attendees alive and thriving during the event.

III. Food and Trash

  1. Gallons of H2O: Drinking water is absolutely important when it comes to Bonnaroo. Therefore, bring along gallons of water and leave them in the shade for drinking, or cleaning plates/utensils after eating.
  2. Trash Bags: This is important to note. Although you will get 2-3 when you enter the festival, you will be needing way more. Be sure to bring extras. It is important to make sure to throw your trash away or recycle it. Both of which are highly recommended options at Bonnaroo.

Furthermore, when attending Bonnaroo it is important to make sure the festival check list has the essentials. These are 13 packing items that any festival attendee will not want to forget, however, if something is forgotten Bonnaroo also has a general store on site that stocks most of the things festival goers leave at home.

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