320 Festival Raises Mental Health Awareness

320 Festival is a virtual music festival that emphasizes the importance of mental health awareness

While every Friday feels like a holiday, today is sweeter than most. This evening marks the start of the inaugural 320 Festival. However, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the event will premier online in hope to raise the importance of mental health awareness. The event will highlight several resources available to locals and likely serve as a platform to chat about all things mental health. In the end,  all proceeds will be donated to 320 Festival’s nonprofit partners. The partners include, but not limited to, #HalfTheStory, Active Minds, AIM, Attitudes In Reverse, Buddy Project, and Gibson Gives. These notable organizations will celebrate music’s top artists alongside the festival’s loyal fans.

The performers of 320 Festival

So who is performing at this year’s event? Some music enthusiasts believe this is 320 Festival’s best lineup yet! Tomorrow’s notable performers include Art Alexakis (from Everclear,) Duff Mckagen (from Guns N Roses,) Moontower, Caleb Shomo (from Beartooth,) and Chris Martin (from Coldplay.) There are countless artists for fans to enjoy on Sunday as well, check out the lineup here.

How to get tickets

This year’s global pandemic has completely changed the music scene, especially as many festivals have become virtual events. However, it has made mental health care services more relevant than ever before. Unlike all other music festivals, 320 Festival is free of charge. While music fans always jump on the first opportunity to catch a live performance, 320 Festival aims to provide a unique experience to the industry’s most dedicated fans. While all of our worlds have been turned upside down, 320 Festival is an Phentermine at escape for music fans around the world for a one-of-a-kind opportunity to escape the Covid-19 madness. Check out the festival’s website to find out more details. Also, this festival gives everyone a chance to look out for their close friends and family members who need a lot of love and support.

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