8 Music Festival Camping Essentials

More people are attending music festivals now than ever before.

At least 32 million people a year attend a music festival in the U.S. And one music genre that seems to be heating up is EDM.

In a study of the electronic music industry, it was found that listeners streamed 15 billion Dance/Electronic songs in 2015 alone. The International Music Summit states that EDM clubs and festivals are enormous in Europe, South America, China — and Americans are following suit.

Are you attending your first EDM fest soon? What festival camping essentials need to make the trip with you?

Our handy checklist will ensure you don’t miss anything important!

1. Toiletries

Depending on your campsite and how long the fest is, there are some toiletries that will be essential to your survival.

Some festivals charge for you to take showers — and they’re mediocre at that. During ‘surge’ times of the day, shower prices may rise. And they’re probably not open 24/7, either.

Toilets are typically porta-potties.

So, yes, festival camping is not always glamorous, but you just have to deal with it. Everyone around you is also facing the same hygienic roadblocks, so embrace it as part of the fun!

To keep yourself as fresh as possible, bring some hand sanitizer, wet wipes, and dry shampoo in addition to your standard toiletries. Use the wet wipes if you’re struggling to find an open shower, the hand sani after the bathroom, and dry shampoo for your unwashed hair.

And hey, it probably wouldn’t hurt if you brought your own toilet paper, either. Prepare for anything.

2. Clothes

Bring a suitable amount of clothes dependant on the length of the festival.

If you’re there for four days, try to get at least four tops, but you can likely reuse bottoms. Still, make sure to bring extra items, as you could sweat a lot, something could spill on you — who knows what could happen. Bring underwear to account for every day of the trip, plus a few extra pairs.

For women, bring at least two bras for four days, one of them being sportier.

Bathing suits can double as clothing. For guys, you could even get away with wearing your trunks one day. For women, a suit doubles as a bra and underwear in a pinch.

Find a comfortable pair of close-toed shoes to wear at the festival. Your fancier loafers or inches-high heels may look great, but they’re not going to be practical. Prepare to get a little dirty; prepare to walk a lot; and prepare to dance.

And, if you’re freaked by the potential germs around, bring waterproof flip flops for the shower situation.

3. Camping Gear

Of course, you’ll need a reliable tent for camping and stakes to keep it sturdy in the ground.

Bring a sleeping bag and even an inflatable sleeping pad, if you can. This could mean the difference between a tree root keeping you up all night or a few much-needed hours of shut-eye.

Bring a flashlight or lantern to keep in your tent for the evenings.

If possible, try to use an ‘identifier’ on your tent, so it’s easy to spot in the crowd. You could raise a flag from it, or choose a tent that’s neon yellow.

4. Medications

After all it’s taken you to get to this festival, be mindful not to forget necessary medications at home!

If you take any prescription medication, make sure to pack enough in your toiletry bag. Visit this website to see if you can pre-order medicine online to ensure you have enough. You don’t want to get there only to discover you’ll have to head back home — especially if home is far away.

And it couldn’t hurt to stick some Advil in your case, either. You may suffer a headache or two at this festival!

5. A Full Cooler

Having a stocked cooler could be your best friend during the festival.

Before arriving at the fest, pack a cooler and fill it to the brim with ice. Bring tons of water with you, as staying hydrated is essential to your enjoyment.

If you’re allowed to bring alcohol (most campsites allow it, just not in glass), you can also pack your cooler with that. That’ll save you some money on the pricier drink options within the festival.

Pack snacks and food if possible, too.

Your campsite may have a small grill near it where you can whip up some hotdogs or burgers. If not, fill your cooler with protein bars, fruit, and anything else you foresee wanting to grub on during sets.

6. Chairs

You won’t be needing these much during the festival, but they’ll be a sweet comfort to have when you’re chilling at the campsite.

Try to have everyone in your group bring their own fold-out lawn chair. You can sit in them while you cook and eat dinner, play cards, or just sit back and recount the fun you had all day long.

And speaking of playing cards. . .

7. Entertainment (Yes, Something Besides the Music)

For the downtime between shows, days, or just when someone you love isn’t performing, make sure you have something else to occupy your time.

If you’re there for four days (or something similar), trust us — there will be some downtime.

If you’re a reader, bring a book along. If you’re with a big, fun group, bring cards, a frisbee, a football.

8. Miscellaneous Festival Camping Essentials

Don’t leave out anything you think you’ll want during your time at the festival.

There’s going to be some uncomfortable moments, so make yourself as comfortable as you can. Bring earplugs if you’re worried about sleeping at night, or an eye mask if you’re a light sleeper.

Bring an extra, charged battery for your phone, or a portable charger in case you can’t get to a charging station. You’ll likely use your phone all day for pictures, checking into the festival app, or seeing what time it is.

And don’t forget money!

ATMs in the area will probably charge a fee, so come prepared with cash. If you’re worried about losing your money, keep a credit card close at hand by using a wallet sticker for your phone.

Ready, Set, Rave

If you follow our handy checklist, your first EDM fest should be a blast.

Bring these festival camping essentials with you so you can focus on the music — not all the things you forgot to bring.

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