REVIEW: Above & Beyond performs at Rawhide Events Center in Phoenix


Above & Beyond stopped by Chandler, Arizona, (20 minutes south of Phoenix) February 27th on a rainy, chilly night; the beginning of their worldwide ‘Common Ground’ tour. Relentless Beats always puts on fantastic experience and this night was no exception.

Rawhide Event Center was packed and ready to dance as Above & Beyond kicked off their show with funky beats that led into their staple set. Fans of Above & Beyond came decorated and glittered up with their handmade t-shirts, signs, and totems. Concertgoers of all ages gathered in this friendly environment to enjoy lively, cheerful music.


Above & Beyond is phenomenal at interacting with their fans. During the show, they typed profound, meaningful messages from their laptop which were displayed on the giant screen behind them. The messages on the screen helped Above & Beyond communicate with the concertgoers, what the music could not say.

The visuals of the ‘Common Ground’ tour were beyond blissful. Sometimes a beat would drop, and the screen behind Paavo and Tony would show the entire crowd going foolish. It made every person feel at home as they tried to find themselves in the crowd by jumping up and down and waving their arms and totems high.

During this show, the DJs selected a group of people with different and unique Above & Beyond totems and posters to join them on stage and celebrate oneself. These chosen fans got to take pictures with Above & Beyond, dance on stage, be free, and celebrate. The fans felt very appreciated and apart of the show as they were able to connect with the duo on a whole other level.


As the show neared its end, the production crew shot off confetti guns that exploded Rawhide Event Center with multiple colors of large, beautiful confetti. The confetti filled the room with emotion as the showering colors represented and complimented the experience of an authentic Above & Beyond set. It got emotional and smiles flooded the room as the artists tried to convey to their fans that you are never alone. Live your life the way that you want to be weird and dance like nobody is watching.


Above & Beyond’s Common Ground tour did everything but disappoint. The stage production was mesmerizing. The connection with the fans was unbelievable, and the music was heartfelt. The producers’ messages, music, and hypnotic confetti made fans feel welcome, warm, and cheerful as guests filtered out of the venue that night.

Be sure to catch the duo as they finish out their ‘Common Ground’ tour this Spring as they head to the southern United States and overseas in London.

Thank you to Relentless Beats, Above & Beyond, as well as CarenWestPR for an amazingly beautiful night and show.



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