Creating The Gold Standard On The Alchemy Tour

As the festival season starts to wind down, artists are finally announcing their winter tour schedules. Amongst those tour announcements, most notably, was the Alchemy Tour. This tour is featuring several huge name industry artists NGHTMRE + SLANDER, Seven Lions, and The Glitch Mob. Many fans have called this tour as one of the most sought-after tours thus far. With so many huge name industry favorites in one place, the crowds and fans are without a doubt in for a treat. Be sure to check out the official Alchemy Tour dates here. All scheduled start times go by local time.


NGHTMRE & SLANDER: Gud Vibrations

The Gud Vibration boys have been taking the EDM scene by storm this year. The three artists started their relationship when they met in college and since then it has grown into their professional lives as well. The Gud Vibrations collaboration was announced a couple of years ago when they debuted their Gud Vibrations song.

Since then, the group also announced the creation of the Gud Vibrations record label at Lost Lands 2018. Not to mention they also announced the signing of their first artist, Wavedash, that same night. Now, with this new Alchemy Tour, they are only continuing their rush to the top.

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Seven Lions

Another highly acclaimed artists in the industry. Seven Lions boasts an impressive résumé. Featuring some huge name festivals such as Electric Daisy Carnival, Moonrise, Camp Bisco, Electric Forest and Ultra Music Festival. Seven Lions produces music that spans various genres. His music includes melodic dubstep, drum and bass, glitch-hop, and electro house.

Since the beginning of his takeoff in 2013, Seven Lions has collaborated with several big-name artists such as Skrillex and Above & Beyond. In 2018, he also announced the debut of his own record label, Ophelia. Under which he has released several big hits such as “Calling You Home”, “Ocean”, “The Sirens” and “First Time” which was produced in collaboration with Slander and Dabin.

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The Glitch Mob

After making their initial introduction to music within the LA ‘beat music’ scene, Glitch Mob has continued to grow. The group consists of three guys, edIT, Boreta, and Ooah. The trio has created a one of a kind experience at their shows, starting with a customized set. They are able to incorporate lights and set with their live instruments as well. Undoubtedly, these artists are only going up with new sounds and light shows for the audience. Some would even say that they have acquired one of the largest audiences in the Los Angeles beat scene and it is only growing.


The Alchemy Tour

Many fans have waited this tour since its announcement in 2019. When the four artists, NGHTMRE, SLANDER, Seven Lions, and Glitch Mob all changed their Facebook pictures to match. What was going to be a mega-collaboration turned out to be the announcement of The Alchemy Tour. These artists have come together to showcase their talents. Putting them all together to create the highest form of music they can craft.

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