The All Day I Dream Festival Was Unforgettable

The All Day I Dream Festival on May 12-15 in Oakdale, CA created unforgettable memories for all who attended.

On the weekend of May 12-15, 2022, the Woodward Reservoir Regional Park hosted an unforgettable festival. The All Day I Dream Festival is an innovative and beautiful creation from the renowned label itself. The festival presented an opportunity for many electronic music fans, especially those who love deep and progressive house and melodic techno, to relax and unwind from the stress of modern society.

This festival featured some of the top stars of progressive house and melodic techno, as well as indie pop. These stars include the likes of the legendary DJ/producer and All Day I Dream label founder Lee Burridge, Jan Blomqvist, Guy Gerber, Sebastien Leger, and more. Here is the review of The All Day I Dream Festival, which everyone who attended is looking forward to next year’s edition.

All Day I Dream Festival Lee Burridge
Photo Credit: FYM Agency / Demian Becerra

Sights and sounds of The All Day I Dream Festival

The Woodward Reservoir Regional Park in Oakdale, CA is a beautiful natural setting. It is a place where one can experience the serenity and tranquility away from modern society whenever they can. Hence why, it makes the perfect setting for the All Day I Dream Festival. It is a setting everyone can gather their friends and also make new friends while they enjoy top-quality music, items from shop vendors, delicious food, and so many fun amenities.

One of the amenities was the “Wellness Sanctuary” where attendees can participate in yoga exercises, meditative sessions, sound healing, art workshops and other fun activities to enhance spiritual health. There also world-class and innovative art installations that everyone can take their time and admire the beauty of the art that the artists put in their heart, soul, and energy to create for every attendee to see. Another cool amenity that people got a chance to partake in was a Russian-style sauna tent where they can further replenish their energy. Since the festival took place at a reservoir, many attendees got a chance to swim in the surrounding waters as well.

All Day I Dream Wellness
Photo Credit: FYM Agency / Demian Becerra

The music that brought everyone together

The All Day I Dream Festival had four unique and memorable stages. These stages were “Cloud Nine”, “Nimbus Nights” and “Dream Dome”, and the “Lenticular Live Stage”. First, the “Cloud Nine” stage was humble-sized but filled with blissful features such as fluttering flowers and palm leaves, which may have the people dancing there feel like they’re in a tropical house party. “Nimbus Nights” came in the form of a circus tent where it brought out an underground nightclub feel to it.

The “Dream Dome” was a smaller but cozy and ambient venue where attendees can take their time to relax and nap after a day of dancing at the other stages. Finally, the “Lenticular Live Stage”, which faced one part of the beautiful reservoir, had marigold garlands that brought out blissful feelings for everyone to enjoy the music while taking in the scenery at the same time. Also, aside from the wonderful music at the stages, there were people playing in their own music at their respective campsites too. Here is a summary of how the campsite atmosphere was like at The All Day I Dream Festival.

ADID Festival
Photo Credit: FYM Agency / Demian Becerra

Camping life at the festival

At the festival, there were multitudes of RVs, cars, trailers, tents and structures that established themselves during the unforgettable weekend. Additionally, there were amazing Glamping tents that lit up at night, especially the Glamping tents that were inhabited by the artists themselves. Aside from the Glamping and the GA Camping area, there were also ADA and Production Camping areas as well. The Production Camping areas consisted of individuals who have worked on creating the sets, the amenities featured at the festival, the talented artists of the structures, art cars, and installations, and also the press members themselves who were there to cover the festival.

No matter which camping area one stayed at, the atmosphere of friendship and community remained the same. Someone who arrived to the festival without knowing a single person can still make a lot of friends because the vibe was very welcoming and laid-back. No matter which background, beliefs, and/or ideals that each person might have, the festival camping areas were places where everyone can interact with one another without any fear of judgement. Because at the end of the day, everyone, including people who were working at the festival, were there because of their love for the music.

ADID Recap
Photo Credit: FYM Agency / Keiki-Lani Knudsen

Final remarks about the wonderful All Day I Dream Festival

Overall, The All Day I Dream Festival is one that is for sure will return in 2023. The festival was an exquisite success from the world-famous All Day I Dream label. No doubt, this festival will be considered alongside EDC, Ultra Music Festival, Tomorrowland, and so on as one of the world’s most-famous, must-not-miss music festivals. Also, since it’s the first edition of The All Day I Dream Festival, the fact that it achieved all expectations makes it more likely that the festival will continue to happen for many years to come.

This festival is one where the fans are free to be themselves without having to prove to their peers that they can “go hard” just they might have done at other established music festivals. The carefree atmosphere of The All Day I Dream Festival made sure that no one will leave campgrounds without having at least one unforgettable, joyful memory. The four days of the festival was so memorable that even after the festival’s final day, there were still many people camped out at the Woodward Reservoir. It will be surprising if The All Day I Dream Festival will not take place next year.

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