Event Review: Apex Presents – The Vertex with Bryan Kearney and Will Atkinson

Exuberant production, a cool area, full bars, stellar sound system and an amicable laid back crowd are just a few of the things Heart Nightclub brings its patrons when Apex Presents takes over with their Vertex series. It’s a full night of trance Miami style. 11 pm all until the early morning hours. Apex Presents has brought countless talent within multiple genres. Yet, the Vertex series has that at home feeling where you can unwind.

Set in DJ Mag 2017’s best club of the southern United States, Heart Nightclub is a place for music lovers of all kind. Regardless of genre, its a spot where anyone can go in to start their night. Or, if they wish, end the night on a high note to an excellent after hours on the patio. The concentration here though, is the basement. The first floor of Heart Nightclub that boasts higher BPMs and crushing bass lines that are not for the faint of heart. It is here, that Apex Presents holds their series by the name of: The Vertex. A series of events in dedication to bringing back the spirit of Trance to the electronic music scene in Miami.

Luccio warming up the crowd, courtesy of Apex Presents

Even though the multiple entry points to each of Heart’s rooms can be confusing, one can always identify where to go for The Vertex. On the cool and mellow evening of Friday June 30th, it was Bryan Kearney and Will Atkinson’s turn to blast away the crowd. With DJ Luccio, one of the key promoters and players at Apex Presents warming the decks and impeccable sound system, it was bound to be a brilliant night as he set the mood just right. Luccio is one of Miami’s finest promoters and DJs.

Bryan Kearney, courtesy of Apex Presents

Hailing from Ireland, Bryan Kearney is known for his versatility in the realm of trance. Kearney is known for dropping a medley of tech trance, psy and uplifting tracks. Therefore, a safe bet for any trance fan. He mixes in this variety and stands unpredictable with each set he plays. He is especially known best for his superb uplifting vocal trance. Some noteworthy tracks are his remix of Gareth Emery’s “U” and his latest single with vocalist Plumb, “All over again”.

To say the least, Kearney took the crowd to a whole new level, taking unexpected turns every few minutes. The true definition of a DJ and producer, he definitely had the crowd dancing non stop. Playing his latest single, throwing out a plethora of tracks from his own Kearnage recordings and plenty of uplifting trance, he had the power to gather quite the full house of fans. Just by standing around you could feel the energy pulsing through the room. Consequently, the only artists that could possibly keep it going after a massive set like Kearney’s are a short list. For the evening, it was the VII crew’s own Will Atkinson.

Will Atkinson, courtesy of Apex Presents

Another DJ of relentless talent; Brought up by his mother, a prominent fan of the electronic scene of the UK, Atkinson has undoubtedly seen electronic music evolve over the span of his life. He currently holds a Residency slot on BBC Radio 1. Will kept the tempo high, he kept it fresh and was playing to the energy of the crowd. Albeit swaying away from his mega hits Atkinson manages to keep everyone on cloud nine. Something to note is the fact that Atkinson does not conform, he plays as he wishes with grace. It’s a mark of mastery of a true DJ to do so and keep entertaining a crowd without being predictable. Therefore, it’s easy to notice he does not over load his sets with his hits. Yet, keeps it on a high note with of his most famous remixes, John O’Callaghan’s “Lies Cost Nothing” with Clarre Stagg.

Needless to say, the night was fantastic. The proper quality that Apex Presents intends. Miami is just getting a taste of The Vertex’s summer of trance. More shows are to come in the following weeks. Therefore it seems like it will be a busy summer for Miami Trance Addicts and the over all Florida Trance Family. You can expect a Pure Trance night, a special night from Miami-based super DJ Simon Patterson as he presents his brand Open Up all night long. Then in the later parts of summer, John O’Callaghan makes his return to Miami for a special night and Anjunabeats’ Grum. If within the immediate Miami area or just a quick road trip away, this is a must for electronic music fans.

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