Arizona Root’s Music and Arts Festival – Chandler, AZ

Arizona Roots Music and Arts Festival

The Arizona Roots Festival, happening in February 2019, is already creating a lot of stir on social media. Specifically, announcing a fantastic lineup of artists. With new partnerships with local nonprofits like The Cocoa Foundation, Greening Partner, and TripZero, Arizona Roots Festival plans to bring Arizona fans a uniquely tailored experience celebrating the gift of music and art. In essence, its an exciting shift for Relentless Beats as they bring a new arena of music to Arizona’s festival scene. Particularly, the lineup covers some impressive artists including headliners Rebelution, Atmosphere, Stick Figure, and Dispatch. Together with some other noteworthy artists including J Boog, Trevor Hall, Katchafire, Lya Terra, and many more. Definitely a noteworthy soiree for your 2019 festival calendar.

The Festival

Meanwhile, the same group that created the California Roots Music and Arts Festival have teamed up with Relentless beats to host this grand jamboree. Arizona Roots will be an all ages event and will take place in Chandler, AZ at the Rawhide Event Center. Fans will soak in those good vibrations as artists from around the globe take the stage to perform during these two spectacular nights of celebration.It will be a unique mixture of the west coast music scene with the west coast art scene to celebrate the gift of music and art. Similarly, the Roots festival brand has a reputation for industry-leading green initiatives and phenomenal VIP experiences. They aim to give back to the community by partnering with west coast nonprofits to create change.

The Coco Foundation Partnership

Additionally, Arizona Roots announces it’s partnership with The Cocoa Foundation, pledging to donate $1 from each ticket sold to go directly to helping the foundation find homes for at risk shelter dogs.

TripZero Partnership

Not to mention, Arizona Roots is partnering with TripZero to provide attendees special hotel rates in effort to help erase the festival’s carbon footprint. Did you know the average festival attendee wastes around 450 pounds of carbon in travelling to a festival? TripZero intends to offset this footprint by giving attendees special rated hotel rooms whose proceeds will fund impactful carbon offset projects around the globe.

With this in mind, if you would like to participate and help offset our festival carbon footprint, reserve your hotel now through the Arizona Roots travel website.

To illustrate TripZero’s point further, would you like to see how many carbon pounds you waste by travelling to Arizona Roots Festival? Follow this link and give the carbon footprint calculator a try.

On a positive note, your recorded answers will help in understanding a Festival’s impact on our carbon footprint.

Results from TripZero Survey

To conclude, the Arizona Roots Music and Art Festival will take place on February 9th and 10th, 2019 at the Riverwalk grass area at Rawhide Event center. The lineup for each individual day is included below. Check it out, tickets are on sale now.


Saturday, February 9, 2019
● Rebelution
● Atmosphere
● J Boog
● Trevor Hall
● Katchafire
● Mike Love
● Clint Stevens
● Tha ‘Yoties
● Rilen’Out!
● AmpLive
Sunday, February 10, 2019
● Stick Figure
● Dispatch
● Collie Buddz
● The Movement
● Iya Terra
● Xiuhtezcatl
● Synrgy
● Black Bottom Lighters
● Kill Babylon Coalition
● Mellow Psychedelic Culture
Arizona Desert Roots Festival
The Cocoa Foundation

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