Art Basel Brings Exciting Events to Miami Beach

Art Basel Show

America’s largest visual-arts fair is kicking off this weekend in Miami. Art Basel will host over 200 of the world’s leading modern and contemporary art galleries, as well as works from over 4000 artists.

The 16th Edition of the Art Basel show in Miami Beach will bring top-notch live entertainment, music, and arts to thousands of art fans. The fair is expecting attendees from across the globe to experience the annual show.

Art Basel Returns to Miami
New World Symphony at Art Basel

Stunning Art & Renowned Artists

Last year, over 77,000 people attended the art fair to witness beautiful art. The event also involves breathtaking performances and some of the hottest parties in the country.

This year, artists like Baz Luhrmann, Tom Wesselmann, and Yves Klein are under the spotlight for their fresh and innovative works.

Tara Mobayen, otherwise known as Miss Tara, is a dance-music producer and DJ. At this year’s Miami show, Miss Tara’s art will be privately displayed. Lucky fans could experience the exclusive work of the remarkable producer.

Miss Tara

The art fair brings about some of the most remarkable art in the world from countries across the globe.

New York’s Paula Cooper Gallery recently sold a blockbuster piece by the conceptual artist, Sol LeWitt, to a private museum for over $1 million. Sol will be at the Miami-design displaying some of his latest work.

Both Rodrigo Torres and Kevin Beasley will also be displaying their latest sculpture-pieces at the Miami Beach Art Basel.

Gagosian and Jeffrey Deitch have joined forces to put on a show at this year’s art show called ‘Abstract/ Non-Abstract’. It will be a must-see.

Another artist on display will be Alicja Kwade. Her work titled ‘Revolution’ is the centerpiece at one of the new open spaces in the Miami Beach Convention Center, where the show will take place.

“WIDW. ALLPORT” by Sterling Ruby – Courtesy Sterling Ruby Studio/Gagosian

Art Show Events

There is a diverse range of parties and galleries this year with something to suit everyone’s tastes.

Some of the parties Art Basel attendees should not miss include ‘$eed Festival’, ‘Foxhole’, and finally the ‘Tory Lanez Art Basel Bash’ to conclude the festivities.

The ‘$eed Festival’ is a great way for art enthusiasts to kick off their Saturday morning. From 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. the festival will feature live music, live mural paintings, and interactive experiences.

Event organizer Weldy Altidor mentions that there will be a mix of everything at the event. From DJs spinning house-music to live RnB performances.

An art exhibit called ‘Past and Present’ that features the works of over 40 artists will also be on display. The exhibit is in a mix of mediums that mostly includes fine art and sculptures.

Zhea Queen, one of the musicians scheduled to play, says:

If you enjoy good vibes, good energy, and good people you should definitely come out.

‘$eed Festival’ will run December 8-9 at the Blank Canvas Project, located at 48 NW 36th Street.

“DUVET” by Lopez Heredia – Courtesy Hubert Lopez Heredia Foundation

Art Basel at the Foxhole

After visiting the ‘$eed Festival’ during the day, Art Basel patrons should then consider hitting-up the ‘Foxhole’ at night. Those who do will catch legendary hip-hop DJs throw down mind-blowing sets.

The Originals, a hip-hop group from New York, will be headlining the event. Event organizer Sofia Rodriguez says:

If you are into hip-hop and do not want to be in the normal Art Basel scene where everyone else is, the Foxhole is the place to be.

The bar offers a laid-back setting while keeping the party going. Sofia refers to it as a “speakeasy-type” atmosphere. It has an exclusive feel as a result of intimate vibes.

Rodriguez continues to describe the venue:

Foxhole speaks for itself. The fact that The Originals from New York are going to be here in person and performing, not just hosting, says a lot.

Art Basel 2016

Tory Lanez Art Basel Bash

On the following day, Art Basel attendees cannot miss the ‘Tory Lanez Art Basel Bash’ at SHOTS to complete the fun. Live music, as well as artistic performances, will take-over the interactive bar from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m.

Shayla Garcia, an event organizer, speaks about the event:

We have some amazing live artists that will be doing pieces on the walls. We are going to close out the Art Basel with Que Heffe and our special guest Tory Lanez.

Miryam Lumpini will also be attending the bash for a live-art performance. Based out of Los Angeles, she is famous for her fine art and is an incredibly sought-after tattoo artist.

For the Tory Lanez show, SHOTS aims to combine the vibrancy of the art world with their fun-spirited party scene.

Garcia has high praise for the venue:

SHOTS has an environment that no one else has in Miami. We just look forward to pushing our brand of partying into the art world and watching some awesme performances.

She encourages everyone to come out and experience the “great destination of the Miami turn-up”.

Art Basel Miami Beach will continue until December 10. During the art fair, be sure to check out some of the city’s fantastic curated events.

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