Bad Royale and Dyro at Shephard’s Beach House Sunday

Last weekend One EDM had the chance to catch Bad Royale and Dyro at Shephard’s Beach House Sunday event presented by We R Promotions. We R Promotions throws some of the hottest events in Clearwater Beach right here at Shephard’s Beach Resort. Before Bad Royale’s performance One EDM had the chance to sit down for an exclusive interview , you can read here.

Bad Royale is a DJ group made up of four members; Bruce , Elias , Maor and Kevin. Three of the four members had a background in music prior to starting and one had more experience in the social media side of things and is quickly learning the art of production. Between the interview and set, we learned how cool and down to earth the guys really were and i can’t urge you enough to check them out if you get the chance.

Bad Royale took the stage for the sunset at 8:30pm. Before they went on they asked us what direction to start the set in. We reassured them that the Tampa market is diverse and easy to please, just as long as you don’t play repetitive beats or genres, mix it up you’ll be fine. They took this advice to heart, and had no problem throwing a very fun, almost festival feeling, set. Bringing in many elements, sounds including; Caribbean, brass, bass, even mixing in some crazy mashup’s. Everything about the set was fun, the music, but also the visuals, which take on an almost Gauntlet arcade style. The best way to describe their music would be similar to Major Lazer. The guys put a unique flair to the style already developed.

Right after Bad Royale was Dyro, who threw a very interesting set. He kept going back and forth from big room/electro to dubstep. Which hit all the right buttons with the crowd in Clearwater. This crowd loves to come out for dubstep and artists like Borgeous, who is returning Labor Day to Shephards. The combo of Dyro and Bad Royale really turned out to make this night very special.

With a new take on an old sound; look out for them to be the next big thing. From what we learned in the interview, they have a stockpile of new music (50+ songs) just waiting to be released. Not to mention they can tour twice as much with the way they are pairing off the members of the group. The guys just got done with Tomorrowland in Belgium and soon to start their tour with Henry Fong 

After that tour they will be playing at the Dada Land Compound at Electric Zoo September 1st 2017. Other heavy hitters on that stage will be Don Diablo and Martin Solveig.

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