BangOn!NYC Warehouse of Horrors 2017

Party people!, It’s getting close to that time, BangOn!NYC‘s haunted hoedown Warehouse of Horrors is this coming Saturday, October 28, 2017, and they have got the fun in store with gooey glamour. As it’s known Fatboy Slim, the legend of electronic harmony will be headlining the event and with great pleasure, he will be creating the first ever stateside HUMAN SMILEY FACE. That famous logo we all know and love, that instantly sparks a little happy in you. The last time it was done, Creamfields 2015 nailed it, now Brooklyn needs to represent with their Halloween version and take the top. BangOn!NYC! will be holding the gathering inside the warehouse at 11:30 PM (extra points for participants wearing yellow incorporated in their costume) so make sure you’re there to join in.

Located at 1 Ingraham Street, Brooklyn, NY 11206 just one block from the L train Morgan station stop, this convenient locale is easily accessible and set with a loyal Pickup & Dropoff point at 77 Morgan Ave (partnership with LYFT – new users can use code WOH17 for $5 off their first 2 rides). Get ready for a fiery and undead party in a warehouse that fills an entire city block. Expect anything when dance music lovers dressed in costumes of complete expressive art and emotion come together. Being BangOn!NYC’s largest warehouse yet, await all the screwball and barmy activities you always love to see at their parties. Freaky performers, chilling interactive art, mutant art cars, human Bowling, and Trick-Or-Treating (adult style with perks including VIP upgrades). One definite activity you must add to your to-do list would be TUMBOX 3. When you feel like giving your feet a break and resting your devil wings this immersive art installation will be the ticket. Drift into relaxation and relief while the opportunity to interact in your daydream anticipates your response.

In addition, get close and comfy in the enticing Hotel Hades, an interactive theater experience where attendees can check in, see the amenities, or quite possibly grab a room. At BangOnNYC!’s parties, anything is possible but that’s the main reason you’re going right. Get your joker makeup ready, your Wonder Woman shield shined and your fake blood dripping for this not to miss Halloween party.

BangOn!NYC Halloween ‘Warehouse of Horrors’ 2017
Date: October 28 2017 | 10pm – 4am
Location: 1 Ingraham Street, Brooklyn, NY 11206 (Pickup/Dropoff Point at 77 Morgan Ave)
Age: 21+ to enter

All tickets must be purchased in advance – there will be no door sales.

Limited tickets remain, purchase here.

For additional info on activities look here.

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