Have Tickets For The Deja Voom 2020 Take Off?

After the inaugural year of the Deja Voom 2020 festival, Bassnectar has finally announced the return for his 2020 destination festival. After the first event, attendees had nothing but amazing things to say about the festival. Praising once again the bass gods ability to create such a beautiful experience in such a beautiful place. Bassnectar’s team and CID Presents have also taken into account some of the less ‘awesome’ feedback too and put them towards making the festival even better for 2020.

Deja Voom 2020

The Venue

One of the biggest complaints that Deja Voomers had for the 2019 event was that they were rocking around with people on a regular vacation. This created some awkward situations if only imagined. So to combat this for next year, the event has moved to a new venue and will be exclusive to the attendees of Deja Voom.

For 2020, Deja Voom will be blasting off in the Grand Oasis Resort in CancuĂșn from March 25th – 28th. However, this year, the resort is going to be exclusive to festival attendees. So no more awkward run-ins with people on their family vacation.

The Experience

In true Bassnectar form, Deja Voom is going to be a totally immersive experience for festival attendees. The team will be not only creating a new area on the beach for music, but they are also going to be completely customizing the atrium temple, multiple night clubs, and sanctuaries with pools and sound systems. It will be an interactive playground. This is going to be an event that no one should miss out on.

For those who have not attended a Bassnectar curated event, he and the team spare no detail. They not only aim to create a safe place for attendees to experience the music, but they make it immersive too. For attendees, this brings the experience into a multidimensional space that is only fitting of one of the largest EDM names in the industry.

The Music

Although the official lineup has not been announced as of yet, two Bassnectar sets have been promised. For hints, he has said that this year they are going to be bringing in a diverse lineup that “spans the spectrum of sound”. However, names such as Rezz, 29 Palms, Shlump, Beats Antique, Mala and Digital Ethos graced the stages of Deja Vooom for 2019. If the 2020 lineup looks anything like it did this year, we are all in for a very big treat.

The Conclusion

Overall, Deja Voom 2020 is already setting the scene for success next year. With the overall change in venue, festival-goers will get a more fully immersive experience. This also means that Bassnectar and his team will able to have more control of the event to ensure a positive experience for everyone attending.

Another large part to keep in mind is the music. Although the 2020 lineup has not been dropped, it is one that is set to be outrageous for sure. Kicking off the inaugural year, Bassnectar and CID Present curated an amazing event with music that spanned several different genres and subgenres. If 2019 was not in the book, it is highly recommended that 2020 be something to check off that proverbial festival check-list.

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