Recap: Bassrush Massive 2018 – Bringing a Night of Heavy Bass to Arizona

OneEDM had an energizing time attending Bassrush Massive this weekend. Jam-packed with eight hours of heavy bass, the festival kept it’s high-velocity energy all night long so fans could headbang, dance, and mosh to their favorite songs. Check out below for an in-depth review of our amazing time at the festival.

Bassrush Massive Music Festival - Chandler, AZ

Festival Environment

As fans entered Rawhide Event Center, they were greeted by the Relentless Beat Rangers who work extra hard to make sure the festival stays fun and safe for everyone.

Upon entering the main area of the festival, there was a large grassy field lined with booths, places to sit, and misters for attendees looking to escape the heat from the main stage inside the building. Right outside the main stage entrance, there was a large art installation. It displayed a small cube wedged inside a larger cube like seen on the Bassrush Massive promotional material. This cube was large enough to fit people inside, on top, and around it as it became the signature spot to take squad photos, hang out, or as a meeting place to find missing friends. Shortly after the sunset, they amplified the cube with colored floor lamps which peaked the curiosity of festivalgoers. By the end of the night, people were hanging from it, doing pull-ups, climbing it, and having a grand time playing with the impressive display.

Bassrush Massive Beauties – Luis Colato
Bassrush Massive Cube – Luis Colato










Relentless Beat Rangers – Picture Provided by Luis Colato

There were several booths which featured food, clothing, and merch. We Rave Hard, a riddim and festival clothing company, was in attendance. They are a unique clothing boutique in that they provide basshead streetwear brands to basshead fanatics. The food options included street tacos from El Jefe, pizza, chicken strips, and ice cream for fans looking to cool off. Then there were a few smaller booths that gave out drinks, locker rentals, and festival merch.

One of the most memorable features of the festival environment was how prepared they were for the hot climate of Arizona. They had multiple misters on site, both inside the venue and outside on the grass. Not to mention they had a large water refill station that was easy to navigate, quick, and very time efficient. This was perfect for that fan who doesn’t like to be away from the stage too long.

Main Stage

Lastly, the main stage contained three large LED displays which produced mind-bending visuals. Along the top of the stage were two rows of flashers. Followed by several smaller LED lights lining the sides of the stage. These lights gave a “glittering” effect to the streamers that would pop out during performances. The festival had a VIP section, generously elevated along the right side of the stage. They also had an ADA viewing area, thoughtfully placed and elevated along the left side, making it easy for people to see the stage clearly.

Space Jesus – Tony Cottrell

What an exciting time to be a fan in the world of bass. Sejo kicked off the night right with some mind-altering soundwaves. Fans enjoyed his rather unique style as they began their night’s festivities.

Following up after Sejo’s set was Hekler. Who got fans in the headbanging mood with his amazing high energy performance. The crowd doubled, maybe tripled as Hekler’s music began to shake the sides of the Rawhide venue. His heavy, highly progressive drops and amazing transitions into famous songs like “Like It” by Valentino Khan enticed the crowd to mosh. Even calling for a Death Wall towards the end of his performance. He was definitely one of the most crowd-pleasing sets of the entire night.

Hekler Music – Picture Provided by Luis Colato

After that came Badklaat who was quite different in style. Hekler’s beats were very progressive whereas Badklaat played music true to his dubstep and riddim roots. A last-minute addition to the festival, Badklaat killed it with bass fans with his heavy percussion drops and enticing rhythm. His performance solidified that this would be a night of heavy bass talent.

Shortly after Badklaat came Midnight Tyrannosaurus, also known as Midnight T. Highly anticipated, Midnight T did not disappoint as he brought tremendous drops, unique vocals, and relentless bass to the stage. His high-frequency drops rippled energy throughout the crowd as fans enjoyed his unique style of dubstep. He was the first DJ of the night to ask for a fam picture, which the fans always get hyped to be a part of.

G Jones

Another crowd favorite of the night was G Jones. Fans nearly packed the large event center as G Jones made his way to stage. He is more known for his electro dubstep style which mixes high energy bpm with gnarly bass drops. He brought the energy intensity back to the crowd and had fans cheering, very loudly, for an encore by the time his set was complete.


At this point in the night, fans were in full rage mode and ready for the heavy hard styles of NGHTMRE. He came out with some crowd favorites mixing in his own original songs with famous headbangers. His music had a way of uniting the crowd. He had people jumping, popping, and head-banging in circles with their favorite festival friends.

G Jones – Tony Cottrell
Zeds Dead

Starting off with a heavy hitter that rocked all four corners of the venue walls, Zeds Dead did not disappoint this weekend. The set mainly played styles of drum and bass with a strong bass-line and occasional treble. Zeds Dead included several famous songs throughout their performance including their crowd favorite single “Collapse”.  It was definitely worth the wait, as they finished out this memorable night of bass with one of their most iconic songs “Eyes on Fire” by Blue Foundation.

Zeds Dead – Jookz Photography
Showing Some Love

To conclude, Bassrush Massive was amazing, the crowd’s energy was intoxicating, and the night left some unforgettable moments. OneEDM would like to thank the highly talented and amazing staff over at Relentless Beats for throwing another spectacular event. I’d also like to thank the staff, the security, and the Indian Reservation for keeping these festivals safe and enjoyable for everyone. Also, a big thank you goes out for all the water options available to cool off at the festival. They were easy to find, completely accessible, and kept the crowd hydrated all night long. Until next year, it was a pleasure head-banging with you all.

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