Best Nightclubs In Vegas For Electronic Music

Las Vegas is the city of endless entertainment — glitzy shows, in-person gambling options (even more than Bovada LV betting site), and all-night dancing at clubs. Let’s focus on the latter for the rest of this article. Obviously, if you’re reading this site, you’re an “EDM head” and Sin City is tailor-made for you. 

But if you’re only in town for the weekend, which are the best options to catch EDM? It’s a tough list to fine-tune but we think we’ve found the five best nightclubs. Keep reading to get your guide to experiencing EDM in its full glory next time you’re visiting Las Vegas!


Hakkasan Nightclub at the MGM Grand is in a class of its own. From Thursday through Sunday, it offers one of the best party spots in the whole weekend. Most of those nights you’ll hear electronic music pulsing through the massive venue. 

Two of its most famous “resident” DJs are Tiesto and Steve Aoki. If you’re an EDM fan, seeing both is a MUST. Aoki, especially, with his pie-throwing antics has become the stuff of legends. 

Steve Aoki is a usual performer at Hakkasan. If you’re lucky, you’ll catch a pie from him straight to the face mid-performance. 

Image courtesy of Dancing Astronaut

Cover charge is not cheap — and that goes for the rest of this list (it’s just the nature of Vegas). Men typically have to pay $50 to get-in, while women are $30. Charges can be avoided if you buy a table, which of course, comes with its own pricy bottles. Still, Hakkasan is a club worth experiencing despite its costs. 

Omnia Nightclub

The same group that owns Hakkasan also owns Omnia, which is situated at Caesars Palace. The Hakkasan Group, as the parent company is named, just knows how to throw a wild party, that’s for sure.

Omnia’s defining feature is the chandelier ceiling that covers its dance floor. It looks like a UFO, which is on-brand since Area 51 is a short drive from Vegas anyway. The structure weighs 22,000 pounds and moves at four feet per second, all whilst beaming strobe lights throughout the night. 

The chandelier that covers the dance floor at Omnia Nightclub is often called the “UFO” due to its extraterrestrial-like look and feel.

Image courtesy of Thrillist

Moreover, OMNIA is the lone club in the city with L-Acoustics sound technology. That means the electronic music reverberates throughout the club with a little extra “umph.” It all amounts to a truly one-of-kind partying experience inside Sin City. 

Marquee Nightclub

This spot has 60,000 feet of partying space inside The Cosmopolitan. It’s a detour for many headlining DJs to stop at when in town (to go along with usual residents like DJ Pauly D; yes, the one from Jersey Shore). 

But here’s the most fun thing about Marquee: it’s not just a nightclub. No, it’s also open during the daytime. The pool parties while the sun is out is the stuff of legends. Day beds, cabanas, cocktails — it’s all there for the taking during the dayclub. This is perfect for out-of-towners’ that want to see as much of Vegas as possible but are crunched for time. Theoretically, you can hit Marquee during the day then Hakkasan at night, for example. 

XS Nightclub

In terms of resident DJs, XS has every other club in town beat. Seriously, the likes of The Chainsmokers, David Guetta, Alesso, and Diplo all call XS home. That’s a who’s-who list of the genre’s most popular stars, which should appeal to most EDM heads. When you come see the world-renown DJs, you’ll be greeted by doors that are literally gold-plated. Literally!

If that wasn’t fancy enough, you can also check out XS Night Swim. This is a special nighttime pool party that just screams “excess”, which is how you would pronounce XS. All this fun can be had inside the Wynn casino whilst in town. 

EBC Night

Alright, all the aforementioned clubs play mostly EDM. You’ll get some hip-hop here and there with them, though. However, if you want an all-EDM experience, then EBC Night is where you’ll find it. This is the night companion of Encore Beach Club (which is a day-time party only). 

Wednesday nights at EBC Nightclub tend to be the most energetic. Yes, Wednesdays! While many competing clubs are shut down mid-week, EBC Night is alive and well. That’s perfect for visitors that stop by Vegas during non-weekends. 

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