Chris Lake and Fisher Killed It at the Under Construction Show

Chris Lake and Fisher performed a superb show during Memorial Day weekend at the Rawhide Event Center in Chandler, Arizona.

I was really excited for the first non-pod show back at Rawhide Event Center. Chris Lake and Fisher were set to play a two-day back-to-back show titled “Under Construction” for both Saturday and Sunday, May 30th and May 31st.

Photo credits to Relentless Beats

Event setup and security

The event parking went smoothly. They didn’t charge for parking and there was ample parking spots. The line to go through security was long but since I had a special pass, I got to go through the VIP line. That was a breeze to get through and so was security, much to my relief.

Photo credits to Relentless Beats

I walked into the open space and my jaw dropped. It felt so good to be in a space with NO MASK, and be able to dance freely. The music streamed out over the crowd. Huge LED lights were flashing brightly in succession to the music.

Photo credits to Relentless Beats

The music

Dubfire was playing when I walked in. I didn’t particularly enjoy his set, but then again, I don’t enjoy techno so I didn’t expect to enjoy his music. Honestly, Chris Lake and Fisher’s set at Under Construction really surprised me. It was mostly a high-energy set, that had everyone dancing and feeling the vibes. It was so amazing seeing everyone get down and just be united by the music. Fisher spoke occasionally here and there on the mic, his clear Australian accent making others around chuckle, along with his funny quips. I thought he was a hoot.

Photo credits to Relentless Beats

Final thoughts

Relentless Beats blew me out of the water with the production of Under Construction. I really loved the fact there were no visuals so you could actually focus on the music. Chris Lake and Fisher played their hearts out and I thoroughly enjoyed their set. I wasn’t expecting them to throw down as hard as they did, and it was such a pleasant surprise. My favorite part of the whole event was being able to dance the night away, surrounded by all my friends. It was truly such a heartwarming and memorable experience. I can only imagine how the shows are going to grow bigger and better from here.

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