Corona Electric Beach Fort Lauderdale, FL

Corona Electric Beach took place at Americas Backyard in Fort Lauderdale on February 9, 2019 creating an event all EDM lovers will remember. Corona featured Justin Martin and special guests: Carabetta & Doons, Roland MG, Doc Brown & Roo. It was a beautiful venue full of great people, good vibes and good times.

Corona Electric Beach took place outside with many bars and two floors of access leaving you with plenty of room to roam around and enjoy the night. Getting into the event was a breeze with no long lines. You wouldn’t even believe this was a free event. The crowd was dancing with excitement throughout every set the performers put together. The staff was having as much fun as every attendee while providing an excellent experience.

This was indeed an amazing one stage mini-fest. Also, the sound each artist produced kept partygoers going all night and not knowing what to expect next. The weather was perfect throughout the entire event with beautiful clear skies from night till morning. Furthermore, the lineup Corona put together really shows there knack for putting on a great party and fantastic night to remember.

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Also, be sure to check out Justin Martin & Ardalan’s New Release “Yonder” & “Hail Mary”

“Yonder” and “Hail Mary” may be their freakiest work to date.”Yonder” brings a 4/4 stomp with an unhinged bassline that sounds like a trombone that sounds as if it were suffering the bite of a radioactive spider. “Hail Mary” brings sparkling aquatic vibes that intensify as it evolves. The track was not even a few hours old when it was tipped by DJ Mag as one of the top tracks on Holy Ship.” – Christian Martin.

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