DATSIK ‘Ninja Nation Tour’ at the House of Blues in Florida

DATSIK Ninja Nation Tour

Datsik’s Ninja Nation Tour 2018 kicked off in Florida and is now pursuing the rest of the nation for headbangers alike. The tour is hitting major venues such as the House of Blues. Hosted by promoters such as Live Nation, the tour is seeing crowds that are larger than life with heavy bass that will blow you away.

Datsik Ninja Nation Tour
Datsik Ninja Nation Tour

House of Blues

An artist of such caliber deserves a venue with incredibly high standards. Hence, that is precisely how Datsik showed out on January 18 at the House of Blues in Orlando, Florida. The night was freezing, and pashminas were a necessity to stay warm outside. However, the heat inside the venue was not nearly a problem. Bodies stacked on and around the main floor to the bars in the back. Upstairs the VIP and viewing areas were filled to maximum capacity as neon lights and music took over the electric souls.

The House of Blues is notorious for hosting tribute bands, rock bands, and indie-rock artists that sell out shows. Recent artists include Drowning Pool, Flogging Molly, A Tribute to Aerosmith, Twenty One Pilots, Tribute to Prince, Dillon Francis and Dua Lipa. Check out upcoming events here.

The venue was able to keep the bass at a lower level to accompany the sets through the night, overall affecting the feel. Therefore, the crowd was not completely taken over by the feeling of the beats thrown down by Swage, Carbon, Wooli, Riot-Ten, or Space Jesus. Although dropped at an incredible pace, there was a mellow tone that any basshead would be happy with. As the night progressed, the music got a bit more bass-heavy and increased in strength. However, this would just not be enough for such an incredibly heavy artist and his fans.

Datsik Ninja Nation Tour at HOB
Datsik Ninja Nation Tour at HOB


Now for the legend himself. There is a reason why this show is a must-see. An entirely new set compiled in its place moments after Space Jesus exited, but the crowd was already blown away before Datsik could even start a beat. Starting off with “Warriors of the Night”, he set the tone for how the evening would progress, and continued to sprinkle in surprises with deep bass drops and amazing soundtracks.

Datsik showed the crowd exactly what he is all about and why he is among the elitists. Lazers were beaming through the smoke with every hit of the track. Ultra-bright LED lights outlined the stage set itself. The flow of the night was so intense that it would be worth a long drive to see him. Ninja Nation will be touring the United States with a show in a new city every night through March. If you are looking for a fantastic show filled with heavy beats, this is your tour.

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Datsik Ninja Nation Tour
Datsik Ninja Nation Tour

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